97 – Bohemian Star, Commissions, Sew-Ezi Table Review


See the Facebook Live video of the recording of this episode! I apologize for the sound quality of the episode as I had to switch computer programs I recorded on and a setting wasn’t tweaked prior to recording. Hoping to correct that for episode 98.

  • Dog paw stocking commission
  • Yin Yang quilt commission
  • Designing Bohemian Star – sketching, testing in EQ, sending out for testing, redesigning in EQ, fixing in Illustrator, testing again
  • Sew-Ezi Table – purchasing decision, assembly, testing
  • Setting up a different sewing area
  • Super Mario UFO progress
  • Cornwallis update
    • outdoor enclosure
  • Patrick Wilson concert
  • Glasses!
  • Bernie Bladder stones
  • Corgi Races


  1. Yay, a Katie Podcast with video!

  2. It was great to hear your voice again friend! Hope Bernie’s bladder stones dissolve with the food. If not, do you guys have anyone nearby that does lithotripsy? If not, a trip to Indiana? 🙂