Where Did July Go? Yin-Yang Quilt Progress

The month of July was brutal.  Between my house requesting TLC (my well pump broke and then about a week later we discovered a leak in our tub drain that had to be repaired) and work being incredibly stressful I didn’t get as much done on the quilt as I’d have liked.  So my solution was to have a marathon sewing session one Friday night and piece the top together in one evening.  A queen size top…. pieced together on a Friday night. This is not typical for me as I haven’t done a ton of marathon sewing in the last three years.

Yin Yang Quilt

I’ve switched over using Clover Clips instead of pins for almost all my piecing. They worked really well for long seams and I didn’t have to worry about being poked by a big quilt and a sneaky pin nabbing me.

Yin Yang Quilt

Yin Yang Quilt

This is the largest quilt I’ve made so far and the only floor space I had to lay it out was in my dining/sunroom. The corgis launched a protest being gated away from this area while I was running back and forth piecing sections. I was thrilled when I got both halves done and left the final seam to do the next day after sewing for 6 hours Friday night till 1:30AM.

Note to self: You are too old to be doing six hour sewing marathons after working an 8 hour day at work. I was dog tired on Saturday and didn’t feel mostly recovered till Sunday.

Yin Yang Quilt

Yin Yang Quilt

I’ll be adding a border on the top and bottom to get it to queen size and use up some scraps that I had leftover. Then a good ironing, lint rolling and checking for any loose threads before it gets shipped off to the quilter. The day it goes in the mail I’ll be throwing a big party!

Yin Yang Quilt

A few corgi updates:

Bernie’s bladder stones completely disappeared thanks to the special prescription food! No surgery required.  I am so thankful. Her 11th birthday is coming up on August 26th.  My senior corgi is still spry as ever and most people assume she is my youngest.

Bernie Pembroke Welsh Corgi on a Quilt

Byron turned 7 this past Sunday and we treated him to a fun morning at the dog park. He enjoyed playing with his brother and a puppy that dropped by.

Byron Cardigan Welsh Corgi 7th Birthday


  1. I love the quilt and I love wonder clips. Have you see the new mini clips?
    They work even better for piecing

    • I haven’t tried the mini ones yet but now I’m curious. The large ones seem too big for most of what I do but I’m sure I’d find a use for that too.

  2. bobbi dougherty says:

    so pretty! Love the colors!

  3. Oh those sweet doggie faces! I am sorry, but they are taking my attention away from your lovely quilt. They have such cute smiling faces.

  4. This top is turning out great, Katie! I hate pins! I may try clips for long seams.

  5. Leta Baumann says:

    Another great job

  6. Lisa of Boise says:

    Looking at that quilt: Girl, you DO have patience! Hope you and John are having an awesome summer!