Post-Irma Update

September updateIt’s been a busy several weeks for me.  I’ve been updating Facebook and Instagram more often waiting to blog when I got a chance to sit down and do a big update.  I guess that time is now!

Hurricane Irma was a pretty stressful time for us, both the waiting and preparing beforehand and during the storm. Supplies in Tampa sold out all over town pretty quickly and I’m glad we got our supply shopping done early before the mad rush began. We debated staying at home or evacuating to one of several options and ended up evacuating to a friends home that was the safest option.  Our home was built in the 1950’s and I wasn’t sure how it would fare a big hurricane like this if Irma was to hit us directly or anywhere close to us. We also have several large windows that we didn’t have shutters or plywood for and just hoped for the best as we packed up ourselves and the animals and left.

The storm hit that Sunday evening and the bad weather lasted about 12-14 hours. I didn’t get much sleep for six days or so while I was evacuated and post-storm during the cleanup. The Corgi Cottage pulled through just fine with a lot of tree debris and some downed fencing but we repaired that temporarily until we could get a more permanent fix done.  I’m so thankful the grand oak trees that surround my home did not fall over.  Some of my neighbors just a few houses down were not so lucky.

September update

September update

September update

The corgis did pretty good all told, especially since they moved to three different houses while we were evacuated until we got power back at our home.   Cornwallis was so easy to care for during the hurricane! We created a temporary enclosure with some towels, a little wooden bridge and her reptile light.  She loved snuggling in the towels and explored all over her kiddy pool. Power was out at our place for three days and because we are on a well we didn’t have water so we couldn’t stay there until power returned.

September update

September update

I’ve lived in Florida my entire life and have had to evacuate a handful of times but this was my first time as an adult on my own doing so. This hurricane season in particular is incredible to watch and so sad to see the destruction across the islands and other parts of the US.  El nino years are particularly bad for hurricane seasons and now we have storms growing from category 1 to category 5 in a matter of 15 hours which is terrifying.  I’m hoping future years aren’t this active and it’s just because it’s an el nino year but I have a feeling that will not be the case.

As long as I live in Florida though we will make the most of it.  Tampa in particular has been a safe haven since it hasn’t had a direct hit since 1921, we don’t often get storms of that magnitude hitting us as it’s usually the east coast or south Florida getting hit. I wonder if that will also be changing as the years go on and things continue to warm as the trends are going.

I shipped my Yin-Yang quilt top off to my longarmer prior to the storm and received an e-mail from her after I evacuated letting me know it made it there safely.  I was relieved and happy to get some good news.  Getting the borders on, prepping the backing and lint rolling everything took some time so leaving the UPS store knowing it was on it’s way gave me a sense of relief that a big, big step was done. I still have to make my binding and my label but I’m hoping now that things have calmed down and we’ve mostly cleaned up post-Irma I can do that one weekend soon before it returns to me.

I’ve got some ideas for small things I want to make as handmade Christmas gifts like One Hour Baskets, folded fabric ornaments, or QuiltSmart Gadget Cushions. I need some small quick finishes to feel like I’m productive again.  To that end I pulled out one of my old bins full of Holiday House Kits and decided to get started on October.  I have all the pieces fused down now so I’m ready to quilt and embellish it.  I also have a new kitchen project since my big shelves that hold a lot of my dishes decided to implode and fall down before the hurricane.  That was fun coming home to find glass everywhere – I was mainly concerned that the corgis were okay and they totally were.  We lost all of our glass dishes and had some large holes in the wall to patch and repair.  The previous owners didn’t put the shelves into wall studs come to find out so we are not going to put shelves back up there.  I’ve picked out several designs from Urban Threads to stitch out, put into embroidery hoops and hang in the kitchen on that newly blank wall. I think the project will look super cute when it’s finished!

September update

I’m looking forward to October beginning, cooler weather, working on house projects and enjoying some more outdoor adventures. Fall/Winter in Florida is my absolute favorite time of year to get outside and unplug for a while. It’s also the only time of year it’s bearable to do any large yard projects or things like house painting – both of which are on my todo this season.


  1. Lisa of Boise says:

    Thanks for the update; glad all six of you are well! 🙂

  2. I didn’t know where you lived in Florida, but you certainly did cross my mind more than once, wondering how you all were. My grandson is down in Florida with crews, from Alberta, Canada, helping get the electrical back on for folks. He says it is a a mammoth undertaking with many folks still without power in some areas. Thank you for the update. Glad you are all safe and sound.

    • Tell your grandson thank you! We saw so many linemen from all over the country and Canada here helping us.

      • Thank you Katie, I will pass along your message to him and the crews. It is always nice to be appreciated. I have always loved the great relationship our countries have had, and will miss that, under changes being brought about by your current administration.

      • I’m hoping the current administration is not in power long. Quite ashamed of our President and what he’s done.

  3. carol plant says:

    glad to see you all survived irma with a minimum amount of damage – we were all watching on our tv up here in ontario (canada) and were very sad to see all the destruction in florida and the islands – have visited you state many times and love it there – hope this is the end of hurricane season for yo and you can get back to a normal / safe life regards carol

  4. I am glad to hear that you and the family are good. Hopefully it won’t continue to be this big every year.

  5. Katie, I’ve been a long time reader and am glad to hear you and your family survived the hurricane. However, seeing your political statement re: President Trump has turned me off and I won’t be following any more. I enjoy your quilting adventures, and don’t give a ^*#) about your political views.

    • It’s unfortunate my reply to someone elses comment offended you so much you had to write about it. I can understand being made uncomfortable to the point of unsubscribing but I hope in the future you may embrace a chance to have empathy and understand why some people may not agree with the current state of the government and perhaps discuss it with them instead of cutting them out of your life.

      My reasons for not supporting him are numerous and I am happy to share them. I am not a Republican or a Democrat. I had many issues with things Obama did just like I take issue with a lot of what Trump has done and will do over the next several years. Government employees work for us and should be held accountable for all that they do. My patriotism stems from wanting equality for all the citizens of our country. If that makes you uncomfortable by all means, go back to your safe space.

      Quilters come in all shapes, sizes, sexual orientations, political beliefs and backgrounds. We can be united by our hobby or torn apart by our differences. I choose to try to work to be united despite our differences.