Holiday Catchup – Mexico, UFO Work, Planning for 2018

It’s been a busy few months in my world. Since finishing and shipping off Finding Balance I’ve been lining up projects to finish as Christmas gifts and other deadlines that are coming up. I have to finish my Super Mario quilt for a guild solids challenge and I’ve only got five blocks finished so far. Seven to go! I pulled out my bin last night and realized I have to cut a bunch more fabric to finish up the last seven blocks. May have to go solid fabric shopping to fill in some gaps.

We took a short little weekend trip to Mexico last month and I loved seeing all the colors and beauty of Cancun and the surrounding areas. There were iguanas everywhere! I caught a screening of Coco the week before and loved all the Day of the Dead themed things in the areas we toured that were featured in the movie too.

Quiltspiration from the side of a shuttle bus

I’m finishing one of the UFOs that have been laying around for several years. The UFO is an old Jelly Roll Race quilt I pulled out to put a border on and quilt got a lot of love under my Powerquilter. I played with a few different designs on my test quilt sandwich before deciding on free motion hearts and a graffiti quilted border.  I haven’t taken full length photos yet of the quilt (still have 20″ of binding to hand stitch down but I’m getting there!). Boy am I rusty with my free motion quilting! It came back after a few hours of work but wow, it just goes to show how a year or two can really diminish the muscle memory of doing certain things. I really had to concentrate to get the designs I wanted.

Cornwallis assisted with the basting of this quilt.

Don’t you just want to pet it? #quiltingtexture #quilting #freemotionquilting #pfaffpowerquilter

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The year is nearly over. I’m reflecting a lot on what I’d like to do in 2018 and I have two designs in my head I’d love to make happen. While I’d also love to get a lot of my UFOs out of my closet I feel myself being pulled into a more original, creative direction with my work. I also attended a lecture and trunk show by Victoria Findlay Wolfe last month that made me think more about what my process is and how I can best utilize that for my own quiltmaking. I’m proud of what I did this year and very excited about what the next 12 months will bring.

Happy Quilting!


  1. Lisa of Boise says:

    That pink quilt that is “an old UFO” that you’re getting done for Christmas is so gorgeous. It’s like candy and comfort rolled into one.

  2. Good hearing from you on the blog, Katie!

  3. Have fun finishing off those UFOs. It feels so good to cross an old project off the list. Lovely colors from Mexico. So much inspiration all around.