Super Mario Quilt Finish and Blog Musings

This quilt was pretty much all I worked on over my holiday break. I had a deadline to get it to my guild by January 13th and I had a work conference I’d be out of town for right before the deadline. I really had to work my butt off to get this thing done. I put the last stitch in on the 10th, washed the quilt and dropped it off at my guild meeting. I barely had time to snap a pic of the finished quilt before I left – sorry I didn’t get any closeups!

A few thoughts on the interfacing technique I did a tutorial on:

While I believe this technique saved me time and did help to make everything line up properly it was tricky getting the blocks to be square when they were done.  I pressed and pressed and pressed the heck out of them. I ended up trimming them down to all be an even size so I’m grateful there was an extra row on the outside of the blocks for me to play with. I’d absolutely do this technique again for a pillow or small quilt but I don’t think I’d do them in the 1.5″ size for a regular size quilt. It’s just too small. That being said – I’m happy that pixel quilts can be checked off my list and I never have to do another again unless I really really want to.

Blog Musings

A few years ago before my life got upended I did a blog overhaul and redid my logo.  It didn’t quite turn out how I thought it would and I also started having software issues with the recording software I use for my podcast to top it all off.  Everything became tedious and complicated to do and took the fun out of podcasting for me. I still never got back into a routine for podcasting and I miss some parts of it and not others.

I’m getting back to whatever my new normal is going to be and itching to move into the next phase for my quilting life. I don’t yet know what that means.  I’ve toyed with the idea of a YouTube channel for a while and may experiment with that to see how I like it. I’ve also toyed with the idea of figuring out a new recording software for the podcast and reviving that in some capacity. Maybe I’ll do both, who knows.

Some days I just want to scrap it all and delete my blog.  Yesterday was one of those days. Sometimes it’s a real struggle to see why I even keep doing this. It mostly feels like a personal quilting journal so I can see my progress so it makes me really sad to think of it being completely gone one day.

2018 Plans

The next few months I’m going to figure out a new direction and work towards that.  I’ve got some ideas and I need to experiment and do some research to see what sort of a time sink they’d be. I also have several quilts in “the hopper” to get done before I begin work on my big quilt for this year.  I’ve got an idea for my first on purpose show quilt and want to begin working on that.

I think my first step will be cleaning out my studio and rearranging the furniture. I really need to destash but haven’t taken the time to go through everything to pull out destash items and try to list them in some capacity.  How do you destash your stuff? Leave a comment and let me know what you think is the easiest way to do it.




  1. Amy Laura says:

    I REALLY miss your podcast, so if you ever decide to go back to that, I’ll be the first in line to listen! I’m less interested in Youtube, because it takes more attention to watch and listen than to just listen. I like to listen while I sew….I do read your blog, although I don’t always comment, but the journal aspect seems pretty worthwhile to me. I hope the tech issues get worked out!

  2. Have you heard of Patreon? I am hearing rumblings of YouTube not working well for people who are looking for a small monetary reward. IDK, If you are, but if you go to all the effort, you should get something. 🙂 Anyway, check it out if you are. I NEED to destash too. Over the holidays I did go through some of my stash and did get rid of it, but I have so much more. On top of all that, I have no established area for all my things and so wish for one.
    I hope you keep going with the blog, I always enjoy reading it and learning from you, but I totally understand too. Life changes all the time and you have to change with it. 🙂

  3. I hope you will keep your blog, because that is how I find inspiration. I agree with Bobbi, the previous person who mentioned about Patreon. I am not sure what the pay in that is, but I think the artist get a more captured audience. Hope you will figure things out.

  4. When I de-stash I go thru everything I have in my fabric containers, then I usually donate what I don’t want. I then organize into colors, then little, large or big pieces…I find it to be very “inspiring” to go thru my stash….as time goes by we change what we used to like and what we NOW like….plus I have started being more selective in “colors, patterns” to by going thru everything.

    I to am working on a few quilts that I have had stashed, think I have maybe three left to work on….plus I bought “Liberty Crown” kit to try something new. Discovering that I like this idea and may try more soon.

    Am tired of what I used to cut and sew, so now I am letting myself wander and experiment with NEW idea’s.

    I to would miss your blog, but I also know it takes time, so whatever you decide I will support you.

    Hugs Jody
    New Mexico

  5. Maybe a new theme for a refresh? Tho I should talk, my blogging has dropped of a LOT.

  6. Lisa of Boise says:

    Hi Katie: I listen to several youtubers (yes, listen and not watch) that are unedited–they just turn on the camera, start talking, and then post. This probably takes less time than recording a podcast and then spending time editing it. Your backdrop could be your yard, your sewing room, your dining room, whatever. You could walk around with the corgi’s….very informal. And with you talking the whole time, like you do in your podcast, we can watch or not watch the video part. Agree with others who said do what is easiest for you.

  7. Jenny Faasavalu says:

    Hey Katie, I’ve been listening since the beginning and I miss your podcasts! I love how Frances doesn’t edit. It doesn’t bother me at all. I am in college right now (at age 42!) and haven’t quilted for a year, but I still love all of you guys and I listen when I exercise. I give thumbs up for revamping and continuing!!!!!

  8. I can relate as with Instagram I totally abandoned my blog. I miss your podcast though, I always thought audio was easier than video, although I never tried either of them. I see Attila editing videos from time to time, and he’s really good at it. Either way, do what works for you, not what’s expected of you.
    I’m also in the progress of getting my sewing room together whenever I’m home and have time, and facing the same issue. I’d love to destash, which I started by separating the fabrics I got from someone, or bought at Rag Shop (remember those?) a long time ago. I can’t sell them, because honestly, who will buy them? I was thinking about making quiltbacks of them, but right now it’s the storage that I don’t have. I’m not in a guild, or quilt group, so that’s out of the question too. They may end up in the attic and I can just bring them down when I need to make a back for one of my tops. I’m curious how you’ll tackle the dilemma.

  9. Kerry Nielsen says:

    I LOVE your Mario quilt. Do you have a pattern for it?