Alaska Cruise 2018 Vlog – Part 1 – And an update on my future

Alaska Cruise - Day 3 - JuneauI can’t believe the last time I blogged was in February. When I clicked the “add post” button just now and saw that I internally gasped. I’m back! I have been sewing and doing a tiny bit of quilting. Mostly I’ve been organizing my studio, destashing, and planning my next adventure. I’m also planning the 2018 Tampa Corgi Race in the background of everything else.

After my last podcast was posted I had intermittent issues with some listeners being able to download and listen to the episode just fine and others that heard only static. I experienced it myself on two different devices when I tested it out. I still am not sure what happened but I took it as a sign that the podcast era of Katie’s Quilting Corner has come to an end. (Gosh it was hard to type that.) The good news is I’m converting to YouTube. I know, I know, some of you are cringing right now because you really love the audio format. I think you’ll enjoy the YouTube version of the podcast too as I’ll be keeping a lot of the same segments and still share a lot about my quilting, sewing, and my life. You’ll get the added bonus of seeing footage as well as hearing it if you so choose!  Since I made the decision to switch a few months ago I sold my old camera gear, picked up an easier to use camera that does great video and I also got a ring light to shoot videos through. My Alaska trip was my first practice run of shooting footage and now editing it together to prep for this big change.

The biggest change for me is to get used to seeing my face a whole lot more.  And you thought listening to your own voice in a podcast for 60+ minutes was hard….

I also plan to convert all 98 episodes of Katie’s Quilting Corner Podcast to YouTube videos (it’ll be audio only but playable on YouTube) so you can binge listen from the very beginning if you so choose – even on Autoplay! Switching platforms gives me more freedom with my website and hosting as my site will likely be undergoing an overhaul as I slowly convert over.

Future Plans

  • Filming all of my photo tutorials to make them available as videos
  • Refilming old tutorials that could be improved
  • Converting and posting all of my podcast episodes
  • Filming sewing and quilting vlogs
  • Showing threading and general use tutorials for all of the sewing/quilting machines I own
  • Machine embroidery challenges and tutorials
  • Q&As
  • Interviews with other sewers and quilters
  • John Junction will make a return
  • More corgi and tortoise videos

What would you like to see in a video from me? Comment below!


This trip was one of the longest I’ve been on and the furthest away I’ve been from home so far.  I’m from Florida so I’ve never experienced snow or the mountains.  I didn’t get snow on my trip but I did get lots of mountains! We visited Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan and Victoria, BC as well as a day cruising around Glacier Bay National Park. We flew into Seattle three days early so we could explore the city a bit before we left.  Here is a Vlog of that part of our trip which includes Undercover Quilts – a Seattle quilt shop:

I’m editing the Alaska clips now and will post that Vlog this weekend – I can’t wait to share them with you! There’s some funny stuff in there and few Alaskan quilt shops that I visited. I also plan on showing a short Alaska haul video for all the quilty and non-quilty things I picked up.

All the still photos from Alaska:

Created with flickr slideshow.


  1. Verylazydaisy says:

    I think you and your followers will enjoy the new format and adventures. I look forward to watching!

  2. Amy Pinkelman says:

    Subscribing to you on YouTube after worrying this comment. Glad you had a good vacation!

  3. Delwyn Foster says:

    Thrilled to bits about your move to YouTube, Katie. For the past year I’ve been totally engrossed with knitting vlogs and the whole knitting world generally. Sadly my quilting has taken a back seat.
    I do look forward to seeing more of the corgis.
    All the very best for your new venture. It is so lovely to see you so happy.
    New Zealand

    • Thanks Delwyn! Knitting vlogs sound very tempting too…. I haven’t picked up my needles in quite a while but do miss them when I see all this gorgeous new yarn coming out. Lots more videos of the corgis on the way! The tortoise is getting her fair share of screen time too.

  4. I don’t have unlimited internet so I have to closely monitor watching videos but I love the format. Very slick. Do you use iMovie for editing?

  5. Barbara Vickery says:

    In your “meet katie” box you say that you share your home with three corgis….you might want to include your new “co-star” John in that introduction since he will be featured from time to time. Don’t forget Cornwallis!