About Me

UntitledI’m a 30-something crafter that became addicted to quilting in the Spring of 2010.  I’m married and I have three corgi children.

My first quilt project was a kit I purchased at a craft store on sale for $7. I started it one year and picked it back up five years later determined to finish it. Finish it I did and I was instantly addicted to quilting.

I’ve always been intrigued with quilting ever since I saw my mom put together a quilt block for a church quilt one year.  She also let me sleep under her wedding quilt sometimes and  that was always a special experience since it was usually reserved for times when I was sick and would sleep on the couch.

I’m a serial crafter.  Past crafts I’ve dabbled in:  miniature house painting, knitting, cross stitch, needle punching, latch hooking, and sketching.  I’ve never taken a formal sewing class.  I took my first quilting class in January of 2011.

I love the medium and the finished product is something everyone can love for years to come.

I also dabble in photography, writing, and pattern design.

Contact me: Katie@KatiesQuiltingCorner.com