Extreme Studio Makeover – BEFORE


As far as I know we don't have earthquakes in Florida so... I can only assume all of this was caused by me. I want to spend the next couple weeks really going through my stuff and thought a … [Read more...]

Meet Cornwallis


Our new shelled family member arrived in late July and the last month has been lots of fun watching him explore. Cornwallis is a Mediterranean¬†greek tortoise that hatched at the end of June … [Read more...]



Well, I believe I've come to the conclusion that I burned myself out on quilting. I knew that even before my illness in March but afterwards I've felt the importance of giving myself a much … [Read more...]

The Katie Update and Quilty Mail


First an update: Physically I'm bouncing back quickly from my hospital/ventilator experience. Back at work full time and I'm able to get around pretty good. Walking up stairs is still … [Read more...]

86 – Katie’s First Ventilator and Hospital Stay Experience


I survived a pretty scary ordeal. I'll pepper in some quilting stuff as I can but this will be a more personal episode. … [Read more...]

Scrap Storage Organization – Affordable Penny Candy Jars


I've always adored the people that organize their scraps in colorful jars but never jumped on board because... well have you looked at the price of large glass jars lately? Even the pretty … [Read more...]

Monday Photo Catchup – Tinkerbell, Serger fun and Technicolor Galaxy progress


The last week and a half I've been battling whatever Phlegmy plague has been traveling around my office. I'm finally on the tail end of it so I'm hoping I can record another podcast episode … [Read more...]

Giveaway time! Win a Quiltsmart Gadget Cushion panel


If you haven't had a chance to catch the tutorial I wrote on how quick and easy these cushions are to sew up I recommend checking it out! Quiltsmart has sponsored a giveaway to send 5 … [Read more...]

Quiltsmart Gadget Cushion Tutorial


You can get your Quiltsmart Gadget Cushion from their website or your local quilt shop! ¬†(Psst.... Quiltsmart will be sponsoring a giveaway for panels starting tomorrow 2/16/15 on my blog so … [Read more...]

85 – Where in the world is Katie Sandiego


Burnout - the real issue of overextending yourself. Website frustration October NYC Trip The apartment we rented at Bubba and Bean lodges Sunday outing with Kati and Attila - M&J … [Read more...]