Finally getting around to posting stuff on Etsy and to try and destash a little bit. Take a look and see if something strikes your fancy! Use coupon code “PODCAST” to save 10% on your entire order.

Quilty Mail and Sundry


My week has been mostly focused on dealing with resodding my front lawn. That cascaded into a host of other issues since the sod people cut my FIOS and my neighbors Brighthouse cables in the process (despite them being marked by the underground utility spray markers that come out). Anyway – my mailbox has been more active with quilty stuff than anything else in my room this week. I wanted to share some fabric and such. These fabrics came from {Read More}

72 – Bleeding, Stashing, Tinkertote, Pricing a quilt for sale


Problem solving time! Bleeding and what to do about it on white fabric Quite a bit of stashing going on New computer Review of the Tinkertote Craftsy class and my finished tote – plus some things I’ll be changing on my next one Pricing a quilt for sale Book reviews – Liberty Love and Sew!   Bamboo Tablet Create More HOA woes I answer some questions from the recent giveaway “Ask Anything” prompt

So you want to sell a quilt


That dreaded question we always hear when a friend or family member finds out that you’re a quilter: “How much would it cost to get you to make me a quilt?” It stops many a quilter in their tracks. We never quite know what to say. People are flabbergasted to hear the prices we pay for quilt shop quality fabric, thread, computerized sewing machines and longarms. Yet, they want to get a custom piece for the price of a quilt {Read More}

Etsy order finish, Gone with the Wind obsession


Last week I got a custom Etsy order for coordinating sewing machine organizer mats. I decided last night I’d make as much progress as I could on the order – I ended up finishing them in one night! They turned out really cute. I love the fabric she chose.  You can make your own with my free tutorial!  She wanted a smaller one for her serger so I did a mini size that has two pocket areas instead of three. {Read More}

Etsy Sale!


I have lots of old inventory I need to clean out so I’m throwing a sale at my Etsy Shop! I need to make some room for some new things I’d like to feature. Right now I have lots of keyfobs – both credit card holders and zipper pouches and they need new homes! Take a look and see if anything strikes your fancy. Katie’s Quilting Corner @ Etsy

Mail Call! Owl Sewing Kit and Corgi Earrings


On Friday I got two adorable gifts in the mail and I just have to share them. The first is from Marisa of Simply One By One Etsy Shop. She’s been selling these adorable owl sewing kits and I commented on Twitter how much I loved them! This little guy showed up in the mail. Isn’t he great??  He holds needles, scissors and thread.  If you have a friend with an owl obsession that sews these are just the perfect {Read More}

Beefing Up Etsy


I haven’t been very active on Etsy most of this year due to how busy I’ve been with other stuff. The last few weeks I’ve been adding items to my shop, mostly from the quilt show boutique – the stuff that didn’t sell there. Here are some of the items that are available for purchase! Use Coupon Code PODCAST to save 10% on your order! And this item already sold within an hour of it being listed (I may have {Read More}

Fabric Diet Update


I’m hitting that point in my fabric diet where I’m having some bad withdrawal. I keep reminding myself I only have two weeks left. Fabric Diet Countdown   I managed to make it through Black Friday despite a really good sale on Flannels and other fabrics that various stores were having.  I haven’t been browsing Ebay very much.  For the most part I’ve been staying out of stores altogether which has helped the whole fabric diet stay on track. While organizing {Read More}

WIP Wednesday


I’m at 300 sets now…. 150 to go Finishes this week: 1 Cardigan Wallhanging (on Etsy now) Works in Progress: 3 (Orca Bay Mystery Quilt, Butterfly Quilt, Corgi Wallhangings) Projects on hold: Too numerous to list I cut for over an hour last night on the Orca Bay triangles before getting bored and decided to detour into quilting a top I had hanging on my clothes rack. I’m hoping I can get some stuff listed on Etsy prior to Christmas {Read More}