Fabric Diet Update


I’m hitting that point in my fabric diet where I’m having some bad withdrawal. I keep reminding myself I only have two weeks left. Fabric Diet Countdown   I managed to make it through Black Friday despite a really good sale on Flannels and other fabrics that various stores were having.  I haven’t been browsing Ebay very much.  For the most part I’ve been staying out of stores altogether which has helped the whole fabric diet stay on track. While organizing {Read More}

Fabric Diet Update


The Beautiful Reorganized Fabric Closet I’ve made it past the 2 week mark on my fabric diet! So far two people have decided to join me – Celia and Jill! They both e-mailed me their goals so we’re gonna support eachother through this very difficult time.  Jill said she wants to try to diet until February when she goes to a big quilt show. Send positive thoughts to all of us please! I’ve made all sorts of progress on my {Read More}

Go on a Diet with Me!

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It’s that time of year that everyone dreads sticking to a diet.  Holidays are coming up and that means parties, luncheons, family dinners and treats. I’m not talking about that kind of diet though! I’m talking about a fabric diet. One of my 2011 goals was to go on a fabric diet for two months.  I didn’t plan on it to be consecutive but I’m going to give it my best shot.  I’m not making holiday gifts this year unless {Read More}