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Hand Woven Bali Basket Finish

I’ve had this pattern for a month or two now and it ended up being the one quilty/sewy thing I did on my holiday break. You don’t have to use your sewing machine at all to make these and there is only a teeny bit of handsewing involved in the beginning and end of the basket. The rest is just weaving ends together and wrapping around the piping to create the basket. It was very simple to get the hang of and the pattern offered both written and photo instructions. Hand Woven Bali Basket Pattern The pattern is intended to be used with jelly roll strips so I tried it with a 1930′s solid jelly roll...
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New hair, fabric, quilt basting and Bernie

The last few weeks I’ve had quilters ADD pretty bad. I have lots of WIP (works in progress), lots of pretty fabric surrounding me and a few deadlines looming but I just can’t focus on one thing easily! I blame Summer. Last night I made myself piece a quilt back for my Origins pinwheel quilt so I could get it basted and ready for quilting. Piecing quilt backs is probably my least favorite thing about quilting. I wanted to use up as much of this Origins fabric as possible though so I used up the leftover yardage I had and ended up with just enough for the back of this quilt. Love my Kwikclip! It makes...
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Another New Project – Quiltsmart Lonestar

The last few days I haven’t felt inclined to really work on anything in particular. My deadline stuff is mostly taken care of. I thought about a project I’ve been wanting to start for a while and dug out all my materials for it. This is the Quiltsmart Lonestar kit. I pulled out some jelly roll strips I had from the Summer House by Lily Ashbury line.  I had a partial jelly roll unused from a class I took a while back and a full unopened jelly roll. I needed 8 strips to create six different color sets for the lone star… so 48 strips total for the star itself. First you have to cut lots...
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68 – Let’s do some math! Plus new tutorial, furniture refurb, ruler talk and more

A breakdown of precuts  - worth the money?  Let’s do some math!  Here’s the Google Spreadsheet Link if you want to use it.  Furniture refurb finished – what I learned New pegboard mounted – thread and ruler stash reorganized Some teeny paper piecing – new long-term project for my overflowing scrap bin Creative Grids rulers – what’s so great about them? I’ll tell you! New tutorial! Pineapple pincushion I make some iron caddys Splurging for my birthday – a new sewing chair! Basil’s latest knee problem
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Mail Call and Pixel Lattice Sample

I ordered a few things from Fat Quarter Shop for some projects I’ve got coming up. I noticed her Cotton Couture charm packs were on sale and I thought they might work well for a tutorial I’ve been wanting to do for over a year. I have part of it done in another fabric line but didn’t think it worked well. I think this will work better so I’m excited to break these charm packs open and knock out another tutorial. I also ordered a rollie polie of the Riley Blake small chevrons. I’m going to use this for my first midi bag class and make myself a little midi tote bag out of them! They’re...
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Quilt Finish! Nostalgia is done…

I can finally post this since my mom received her package today! I finished quilting Nostalgia last week and put the binding/label on her on Sunday. The quilting wasn’t very fancy but the fabric has kind of an old timey feel so I think it fits. The quilt always sort of felt like it was meant for her. It has way too much white fabric to go in my house! I think the hardest part of this pattern was squaring up the blocks. I did enjoy doing the strip piecing though. It was nice to get a few honeybuns out of my stash! I used the Summer in the Park for Honeybuns pattern (free) by Missouri...
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Mail Call! My first magazine publication and a quilt top finish

Well it’s been an exciting day for many reasons…. my Honda Element broke down yesterday so it was towed to the shop today. Super sad face! I’ve had my Honda for five years now and I love it so much. Now that they don’t make them anymore it always makes me nervous when it isn’t at top performance so I try to stay ahead of the curve. It got a new alternator, battery, front tires, front brake pads, rear brake pads and rotors, and the 90k maintenance stuff. Spa day! I get it back tomorrow morning. Some stuff came in the mail too. I signed up for the Quilt Bear Aurifil Thread Club where you get...
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Quilted Camera Strap! My SBSI Project.

One more thing checked off of my cruise list! I finished the quilted camera strap last night.I kind of had to improvise since everything didn’t go as planned but I think it turned out okay. I like how it looks and it felt strong to me. If I can find another camera strap for cheap I’ll see about doing a tutorial. I used a charm pack for this. Finally broke into my Terrain by Kate Spain charm pack and I think it’s a beautiful use of it. My camera strap measured 1.5″ wide by 23.5″ long (the part between the black strap ends). For those of you that might not want to wait on a photo...
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“Nostalgia” is coming along

I finished sewing the tubes last night and cut them into blocks! There were a lot of them, even with a few blocks I had to discard due to miscuts. I scattered them across my pressing board so I could sort of randomize the placement.
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