Vlogcast – The Alaska Episode

We share all the details of our Alaska Episode in one compact vlogcast. You'll see clips from our travel videos and hear about the cruise ship, our Alaska excursions, the quilt shops I … [Read more...]

Alaska Cruise 2018 Vlog – Part 1 – And an update on my future

I can't believe the last time I blogged was in February. When I clicked the "add post" button just now and saw that I internally gasped. I'm back! I have been sewing and doing a tiny bit of … [Read more...]

98 – The Lost Year

The Yin Yang quilt commission - process, quilting, delivery Hurricane Irma Coquette UFO Finish Super Mario UFO Finish Comic quilt Soapmaking The artist grant application … [Read more...]

97 – Bohemian Star, Commissions, Sew-Ezi Table Review

See the Facebook Live video of the recording of this episode! I apologize for the sound quality of the episode as I had to switch computer programs I recorded on and a setting wasn't tweaked … [Read more...]

96 – New quilt, Christmas at the Cottage, What to Watch

Wunderlist - app recommendation. Great for shared lists. TV and movie recommendations The Crown (Netflix) The OA (Netflix) Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath … [Read more...]

95 – Interview with Quilters_Without_Leaders

This episode is a special edition interview.  I was contacted by the owner of the Instagram account "Quilters Without Leaders" to speak on the topic of the MQG, the now-famous Derivative … [Read more...]

94 – Wedding! UFO Finishes, Project Simplify Update and Sundry

Boho wedding Dreamcatchers Paper flower bouquet Making the dress from a tablecloth dress tutorial The cake The ceremony The rings by Minter + Richter Designs Epcot … [Read more...]

93 – Road Trip, Engagement, Betty and Veronica

Pioneer Quest TV Show (Also suggested - The Great British Sewing Bee) Sew together bag progress Betty and Veronica projects Etsy ideas Results of the video/audio podcast … [Read more...]

92 – UFO Progress, Tips, Videos, Paper piecing

Goodnight Moon #cardiganwelshcorgi #corgi #corgisgonnacorg #snuggle #dogsdoingpeoplethings A photo posted by Katie V. (@magnoliafly) on Jul 21, 2016 at 8:21pm PDT UFO Work - Origins … [Read more...]

91 – TV Appearance, New Logo, The Minimalist Quilter, Saying No

My daytime TV appearance! How it happened, prep and the actual taping Revamp of logos and podcast intro - music from Incomptech Royalty Free Music The Minimalist Quilter What I … [Read more...]