96 – New quilt, Christmas at the Cottage, What to Watch

Wunderlist - app recommendation. Great for shared lists. TV and movie recommendations The Crown (Netflix) The OA (Netflix) Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath … [Read more...]

94 – Wedding! UFO Finishes, Project Simplify Update and Sundry

Boho wedding Dreamcatchers Paper flower bouquet Making the dress from a tablecloth dress tutorial The cake The ceremony The rings by Minter + Richter Designs Epcot … [Read more...]

Project Simplify: November Minimalist Challenge

It's been nearly a year now since I bought my new house and purged a lot of stuff for my big move. Last year was pretty stressful getting ready for a big garage sale but I got rid of so much … [Read more...]

Minimalism and Quilting

Since I began Project Simplify months ago I've been having this one topic consistently on my mind to discuss in the blog. Minimalism is a movement sweeping the world right now. People are … [Read more...]

Project Simplify – Did I Destash Enough?

The state of my studio is still in disarray.  I'm working on it as much as I can in between the myriad other things that have been going on.  Sadly, it hasn't made a ton of progress and … [Read more...]

The Reality of a Kind Divorce

Here's to new beginnings. #divorceday #divorce #30something A photo posted by Katie Vickery (@magnoliafly) on Jan 11, 2016 at 10:01am PST Oftentimes the right thing to do is a really … [Read more...]

Settling In – Pic update

I'm mostly moved in to my new house. It's been a process the last few weeks of constantly going to the old house to load up stuff and bring it to my new place. I'm at the end of that I think … [Read more...]

Project Simplify – Part 3 – Closing, Yard Sale, and some fun! Big pic update

It's been a crazy, crazy month. I keep reminding myself that it took nearly 14 years to accumulate all this stuff so it's not going to disappear overnight. I've been attacking things room by … [Read more...]

Project Simplify – Part 2 – Letting go

Everything is going very well with the home I'm under contract to purchase. My inspection went really well. The home has new plumbing and wiring throughout, the roof is less than 10 years … [Read more...]

The Corner is On the Move!

A lot has happened in the last few weeks. I found a small two bedroom / one bath house that I put an offer in on. My offer was accepted last week so now we start the process of packing and … [Read more...]