72 – Bleeding, Stashing, Tinkertote, Pricing a quilt for sale


Problem solving time! Bleeding and what to do about it on white fabric Quite a bit of stashing going on New computer Review of the Tinkertote Craftsy class and my finished tote – plus some things I’ll be changing on my next one Pricing a quilt for sale Book reviews – Liberty Love and Sew!   Bamboo Tablet Create More HOA woes I answer some questions from the recent giveaway “Ask Anything” prompt

Adventures in Babysitting & Fabric Organization


Over the past several days I’ve been working on a label. I won’t list the numerous things that went wrong with it while trying to get it done. I’m just glad it is finished finally and looks good! Last night I was stitching out the third attempt of it and while I was babysitting the embroidery machine I decided to clean up the fabric closet a bit. Don’t make the mistake of leaving the embroidery machine unattended. Bad things happen. {Read More}

Doggie Quilt Finish!


It was finally dry enough today to hang the quilt up and take some photos.  This is a twin size quilt. Mitered borders. The back was pieced using doggie fabrics that I had on hand and some strip twist orphan blocks.

On the Home stretch


The twin quilt is nearly complete. I trimmed it up last night and measured it to find out I needed an additional 40 or so inches of binding. I overcompensated just in case and added about 120 inches because you never know! Everything is setup and ready for me when I walk in the door after work tonight. I do need to pickup a few more boxes of Shout Color Catchers for when I wash this thing. I used so {Read More}

One down, one to go!


I finished my mother’s quilt on Sunday and it will go out in the mail today.  Once she receives it I’ll share photos! Quilting on my embroidery machine was very time consuming but it made a beautiful quilt. I used a simple design file to make the label. Big Dreams Embroidery has an applique squares file so I put a small square inside a big one and added lettering to create a nice frame.  I think it turned out beautifully! {Read More}

Border Anxiety and Weekend Finishes


So I finished stitching all my blocks together on the snowball quilt late Saturday evening. It’s always nice when good movies are on the premium channels so you can get lots done without having to find something to be on in the background! Water for Elephants is on HBO now so I watched the last half of that while finishing the quilt center. I was thrilled when I measured the quilt and it came out exactly to what I designed {Read More}

Block placement and a label


Last night I did some multitasking! I stitched out a quilt label for one of my blog followers and while that was going on the Topaz 20 I took my blocks for my commission quilt and started laying them out.  I don’t have a design wall so they end up on my floor in my dining room/sitting area (after I vacuum of course). My layout was planned in Electric Quilt 7 and I sketched in the embroidered blocks to see {Read More}

Goings on


I had the full intention of publishing the next podcast episode on Sunday but things just didn’t turn out like I thought they would. I recorded on my laptop and the recordings came out sounding kind of echoy and tinny (I think it’s my sewing room) on top of this my husband didn’t realize I was recording and riled the dogs up for a good 30-40 minutes in the living room so you couldn’t hear me talk over their barking. {Read More}

Commission progress!


I fit in about an hour of sewing time last night and stitched out some of my new designs! The test stitch out went so well I started embroidering my blocks. Here is my Labradoodle test stitch: I loved how my digitizer made the coat curly! This was a tricky one and I wasn’t sure how she was going to do it. I loved how it turned out! He stitched out perfectly.  She has been such a joy to work {Read More}

What’s on my plate


After a long day of driving back and forth from Easter lunch on Sunday I got home and vegged out on the couch watching some movies and stuff while trimming away at my snowball block leftovers. When all was said and done I ended up with 166 HST units! Two units did not “make the cut”, may they rest in pieces. I played with a few layouts in EQ7 – still not sure what border I’m going to put on {Read More}