Finished – The Yin Yang Quilt: “Finding Balance”

I put the final touches on the quilt soon after getting it back from my wonderful longarmer. It washed up nicely (with the help of four color catchers that came out looking like charcoal … [Read more...]

Post-Irma Update

It's been a busy several weeks for me.  I've been updating Facebook and Instagram more often waiting to blog when I got a chance to sit down and do a big update.  I guess that time is … [Read more...]

Where Did July Go? Yin-Yang Quilt Progress

The month of July was brutal.  Between my house requesting TLC (my well pump broke and then about a week later we discovered a leak in our tub drain that had to be repaired) and work being … [Read more...]

Yin-Yang Quilt Progress

I finished the small 15" blocks for this quilt last week and I'm now gearing up to do the large 30" blocks. Last night I laid all the blocks out to see them together for the first time. I'm … [Read more...]

My First Custom Applique Template Experience

I took a quilt commission a few months ago to do a queen-size applique quilt and I'm trying a few new things while creating it. The design I came up with involves a lot of yin-yangs in … [Read more...]

72 – Bleeding, Stashing, Tinkertote, Pricing a quilt for sale

Problem solving time! Bleeding and what to do about it on white fabric Quite a bit of stashing going on New computer Review of the Tinkertote Craftsy class and my finished tote - plus … [Read more...]

Adventures in Babysitting & Fabric Organization

Over the past several days I've been working on a label. I won't list the numerous things that went wrong with it while trying to get it done. I'm just glad it is finished finally and looks … [Read more...]

Doggie Quilt Finish!

It was finally dry enough today to hang the quilt up and take some photos.  This is a twin size quilt. Mitered borders. The back was pieced using doggie fabrics that I had on hand and some … [Read more...]

On the Home stretch

The twin quilt is nearly complete. I trimmed it up last night and measured it to find out I needed an additional 40 or so inches of binding. I overcompensated just in case and added about … [Read more...]

One down, one to go!

I finished my mother's quilt on Sunday and it will go out in the mail today.  Once she receives it I'll share photos! Quilting on my embroidery machine was very time consuming but it made a … [Read more...]