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Big WIP Wednesday Update

Lots of updates in this post! I can see the end nearing of my big quilting studio move finally. New Pegboards Installed I work best under deadlines. Since the A/C guy has to have lots of stuff moved around the garage it forced me to finish my painting projects. I got the dresser finished and moved out and the pegboards were done on Monday. I managed to hang them by myself. If you want to get the details on my hardware and pegboard choices you can read this previous post.  The new pegboards were painted using the same paint used on my dresser refurb.  It took two coats.  I removed all the thread and rulers from...
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Mail Call! My first magazine publication and a quilt top finish

Well it’s been an exciting day for many reasons…. my Honda Element broke down yesterday so it was towed to the shop today. Super sad face! I’ve had my Honda for five years now and I love it so much. Now that they don’t make them anymore it always makes me nervous when it isn’t at top performance so I try to stay ahead of the curve. It got a new alternator, battery, front tires, front brake pads, rear brake pads and rotors, and the 90k maintenance stuff. Spa day! I get it back tomorrow morning. Some stuff came in the mail too. I signed up for the Quilt Bear Aurifil Thread Club where you get...
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Easy Street – Here I come!!

I made major progress on Orca Bay over the weekend and now I’m stalled at piecing the border together. While I was cutting out triangles for the border pieces I also cut out strips for Easy Street – Part 1! We have to make 192 4 patch units that finish at 3″ square. Here are my black and white fabrics and my gray constant: And this is how far I got before I went to bed: We got a bit distracted last night because we did a Google Hangout from 6PM – 8PM!! It was fun chatting with all my online quilting friends and those that couldn’t join us watched on YouTube and tweeted comments! We...
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Major Orca Bay Progress

I started Orca Bay last year and my progress stalled around clue #6 before it was stuck into a tray until I picked it back up a week or so ago. Since the new mystery was starting so soon I wanted to try to make some progress before I started a new project, mostly to save space. This pattern can now be found in Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling. I got a lot done in a week! Put the blocks together and finished sewing the rows together tonight. All I need now is to work on the pieced border and it’ll be ready to go to the longarmer. My Viking Topaz lost upper thread tension completely...
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My Fabric Picks for Easy Street

My room isn’t perfect yet but I had enough space cleaned off for me to pull fabric for Easy Street – the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt for this year. She had the very smart idea of pulling paint chips so everyone could accurately match fabrics for the mystery quilt even from far away! I’m a member of the Bonnie Hunter Easy Street Mystery Quilt Flickr Group – we’re sharing all of our photos there and discussing the project amongst each other. A whole bunch of the podcasters are doing the quilt which is really fun since last year there were only a few people that worked on Orca Bay. I didn’t have as much purple as...
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Border Added!

So I asked for your opinion on Facebook a few weeks ago for border options and what you saw for this quilt: And here is what I ended up doing for it (please excuse the bad lighting): I’m still not sure if it’s too bold for the middle of the quilt but I think it frames it nicely. Getting better at mitered borders! They’re time intensive but worth the effort I think. Not sure if I’m going to quilt this myself or send it off to a longarmer. I might just do it myself since the seams are so awful on the inside (this quilt was started when I was a beginner and not well practiced...
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WIP Wednesday – July catchup

I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire but I’m getting to the bottom of the hole I think. Huge thank you to Kati for sending me the lovely peach batik to make my fabric flower! I had no peach in my stash at all and nothing matched the show ribbon I needed to make a flower for.  Kati to the rescue with this perfect fabric! I love how it turned out.  I have three ribbons left to make flowers for. I finally got all my string blocks into the mail for the July string swap. I’m starting to receive some back! I’ve gotten 8 blocks back so far. Here are four of them. I...
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46 – Some Assembly Required, Strings, Food, and New Guild

Episode 46 shownotes: The epic saga of assembling the Arrow Bertha cabinet String blocks for the upcoming swaps and a time-saving tip I visited a new guild (Tampa Modern Quilt Guild) Elizabeth of Don’t Call Me Betsy blog fame Ann of A Girl in Paradise blog fame Kona Cotton color card Salt Lake Modern Quilt Guild EZ dresden challenge Getting my mojo back and reorganizing my sewing room Lifestyle changes and I get honest about food My Fitness Pal – free online calorie counter and exercise tracking tool Runkeeper  I’m taking a trip – what questions do you have for Mom Interview 2.0 ?? A few more book reviews on Hugh Howey novels First Shift –...
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WIP Wednesday!

I haven’t done one of these in FOREVER! It’s good to see the progress I’ve made in the past few months though. I feel like I’m getting somewhere. Recent Finishes: Doggie Commission Quilt In Progress: “Leftovers” – top is finished. Need to pin baste and quilt it. I want to follow the lines of the quilt and do some straight line quilting. I toyed with the idea of filling in the tan areas with feathers but I’m not sure how that would look with all the angles in this quilt. I may trace some stuff out on quilting paper and see how it looks from afar. Remember this?? I pulled this oldie but goodie out of...
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