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“Wander” – The Hot Air Balloon Quilt

Saturday morning I had a burst of inspiration and decided to make a small, scrappy hot air balloon. I had no idea how I was going to use it or if it would ever be finished into a quilt. I just wanted to enjoy the process of making something unexpected out of the blue again. I pulled out some of my favorite blue and green scrap fabrics and set to work doing some machine applique.  I used my favorite turquoise 50 wt cotton Mako Aurifil thread for the balloon top and a light brown 50 wt cotton mako Aurifil thread for the basket. I was really happy with how it turned out, wonky basket and all....
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Tinkerbell Quilt progress

My Tinkerbell Quilt got a border on last week (boy I haven’t done a mitered border in a while!).  I also took the time to quilt the center and do the applique stitch before Kismet broke. Unfortunately I probably won’t bind her until I get Kismet back. I love how it’s looking so far though! Download the Tinkerbell Applique Template for free here! I quilted the center using Aurifil 50 wt. Cotton Mako on my new Pfaff Powerquilter 16.0. I also used two layers of batting to get that texture that I love so much. I also worked on prepping some ticker tape applique blocks for a class I’m teaching next quarter. Really looking forward to...
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Feathers, Feathers and the Butterfly Quilt

This is a UFO that’s over 2 years old and I decided to pull it out and work on the darn thing so I could get a better feel for Anne. I’ve had The Butterfly Quilt hanging in my closet for a while after I worked on the center panel.  (See my photos from 2011 on this project when I first started quilting it).  I got nervous overthinking the quilt after I quilted the center section and was seriously worried if I got back to it I’d screw it up. After practicing some feathers on Anne and a scrap sandwich I pulled it out and stuck it under the needle. This quilt has some interesting areas...
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Is the fear of failure holding you back?

“I could never do that.” – Overheard at many a quilt show I know a lot of quilters that are perfectionists. I’m sure you know a few too; they’re the ones that point out 10 mistakes the minute they show you one of their new quilts. I’m just as guilty at doing this as the rest of you. Here’s the problem with focusing only on your mistakes: you fail to see your own progress. Ten Signs You Might Have a Fear of Failure - Psychology Today 1.   Failing makes you worry about what other people think about you. 2.   Failing makes you worry about your ability to pursue the future you desire. 3.   Failing...
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The Making of Corgi Fairytale

I wanted to share the progress photos that I took during the making of Corgi Fairytale. It’s kind of weird doing this backwards – normally I’ve already blogged the progress of a quilt but this one came together so quickly I wanted to wait till I was done before blogging it. My first step was to cut a piece of Kona cotton to size and trace a silhouette of a corgi onto it. Then I pulled my ironing board over to my club chair and grabbed two bins of scraps. I used my glue stick and cut pieces to fit inside the corgi. The outside edges I wanted to fit just right so it would outline...
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Finished – Corgi Fairytale Quilt

Update: Pattern now available for purchase and instant download! After lamenting on my last podcast about not feeling like I knew where I fit in quilting this quilt came to be. I designed it on Monday afternoon (July 8th) on a post-it note, came home that night and got to work.  My local modern quilt guild had a negative space challenge and originally I hadn’t intended on entering anything. Then this design popped into my head. I had to do it. Cut the applique pieces on Monday and basted the quilt sandwich, Tuesday night I started the quilting and zig-zag around all the applique edges, Wednesday was more quilting, Thursday was labeling and binding and tonight...
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Catching up! Quilting, corgi keyfob and new challenge

The last few evenings I’ve been quilting the Nostalgia quilt. I finished last night and sprayed away my marking lines so it could dry before I bound it. I wasn’t sure what to do in the white area but I wanted something curvy. I played in one of the blocks and figured out this looked kind of cool. I was using one of my Thirsty Stone coasters as a template to trace. I free motion quilted over the lines. This quilt was a breeze to quilt on my Pfaff Creative 2.0! Now that I’ve figured out a good tension and didn’t have a wonky backing fabric it quilted just fine. The quilt took 4 bobbins of...
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Quilt All of the Things

I have a whole bunch of tops that need quilting now, several of them have already been pin basted and are just waiting for me to get my act together. I haven’t quilted anything in a while so it took a bit to get my machine set back up for straight line and free motion quilting. I broke in my quilt leaf on my new sewing cabinet! I like it a lot I just wish I had more room in my sewing studio to get around the cabinet when everything is folded out. I can’t get behind it at all when it’s all setup so it makes it awkward in my 10 x 11 room. Jelly...
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I’m getting a sewing cabinet!

I’ve been wanting a sewing cabinet for my computerized sewing machine  ever since I got my Singer 201-2 that is built into one and realized how easy it made piecing and quilting! I have an extension table but that isn’t quite the same. The quilts get caught on the corners while I’m FMQing and it gets annoying after a while. Hubby asked me what I wanted for my birthday/anniversary and I mentioned the sewing cabinet and explained I’d been saving up for one since I found a model I liked. Here is what I decided on! The cabinet is on its way and the custom fit insert I just ordered for my machine. Arrow Bertha Sewing...
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