Because you needed some cute inspiration…

I've been lax on my blogging lately and I don't really know why.  Well... I guess I do - I keep getting distracted with projects and feel like I'm not working on what I should be working … [Read more...]

02 – Guilds, Free Motion Quilting, Multitasking and Book Reviews

Notes on my podcast: A thanks to all my commenters! Free Pattern Friday - My experience on joining a quilt guild and why you should too How I've worked on my free motion … [Read more...]

Quilting in Progress

Got some quilting done tonight.  Still need to quilt the borders but I was able to finish the insides of these wallhangings that I'm getting ready to go on Etsy.  Enjoy! Can you … [Read more...]

Pinwheel Pandemonium is Done

I finally finished my first big quilt.  Stitched the last part of the binding last night.  Still need to run it through the wash once but I think it looks good. … [Read more...]

Corner border pattern

I like the paisley style of the pattern. I should have chosen a darker thread but it's ok, it's subtle. … [Read more...]

Pinwheel Block – Quilted

After drawing out several designs on the block this was the only one I felt sort of good about so I decided to go for it.  I'm keeping the quilt for myself so if I mess up I'm the one … [Read more...]

Singer 201 free motion practice

I read online that the only real way to get my thread tension problem worked out was to make up a bunch of quilt sandwiches and just go for it. So I played with it for over an hour tonight … [Read more...]

Two Left Feet

The darning foot I ordered from Sew Vac just was not working for me.  The plastic housing that went around the foot shank just kept moving and wouldn't ever stay still.  It was … [Read more...]