Using the Bonnie Hunter Patchwork Seam Guide


A few months ago Bonnie Hunter (my favorite scrap quilt designer) came out with a little acrylic patchwork seam guide.  This is a little acrylic guide used mostly on vintage machines in conjunction with a metal seam guide arm attachment. I have two vintage Singers that I sew on – a Singer 201-2 and a Singer 221K (Featherweight). I kept having issues where my seams were not consistent when I’d switch machines for my 1/4″ seam. Even though you can purchase a {Read More}

“Nostalgia” is coming along


I finished sewing the tubes last night and cut them into blocks! There were a lot of them, even with a few blocks I had to discard due to miscuts. I scattered them across my pressing board so I could sort of randomize the placement.

Strip piecing galore! Plus Cruise Tote and new toys…


I’ve had two honeybuns from April Cornell’s “Nostalgia” collection sitting on my shelf gathering dust. I originally planned to make a log cabin with them but decided last week to break them open and do the Summer in the Park variation using both honeybuns and part of a Moda Snow jelly roll that I had. The Tampa Modern Quilt Guild was meeting on Saturday and I wanted to take Veronica out for her first sew day! This was the perfect {Read More}

Bonding with Betty


I love my Singer 201-2. She pieces beautifully and her thread tension is wonderful. She’s nice and quiet too! The only things I wish she had is a knee lift and a wide foot pedal but I love her all the same. We bonded last night working on 4 patch units. I did about 200 of them (needed 192 for Easy Street). I had to tape some envelopes behind her so my pieces didn’t fall between the sewing cabinet and {Read More}

Major Orca Bay Progress


I started Orca Bay last year and my progress stalled around clue #6 before it was stuck into a tray until I picked it back up a week or so ago. Since the new mystery was starting so soon I wanted to try to make some progress before I started a new project, mostly to save space. This pattern can now be found in Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling. I got a lot done in a week! Put the blocks {Read More}

48 – Lots of Reviews, Sew Day, and Strings


Quilting Book review – String Fling by Bonnie Hunter I can see said the blind man (I’m getting glasses) TV Tray Portable Pressing table made Sew day with Tampa Modern Quilt Guild Digging myself out Upcoming game convention Fabric flowers galore! Art Tracer Lightbox 10″ x 12″ String block swap update The trial of the ruffler Movie review – Safety Not Guaranteed New Summer handbag 40,000 stitches later Recent kitchen find: Collapsible dry measuring cups!

Feeddog Bunnies, Fabric Flowers, Movie Review

On Saturday I decided to attempt to use an attachment on Betty that I’d never tried before.  The ruffler. It came in the box of attachments that I got with Betty when I picked her up. I had no idea what it was until I read some tutorials on vintage Singer attachments and how to use them. Here is one on how to use the Ruffler. I have the original manual that came with the machine and it explains how {Read More}

Commission progress!


I fit in about an hour of sewing time last night and stitched out some of my new designs! The test stitch out went so well I started embroidering my blocks. Here is my Labradoodle test stitch: I loved how my digitizer made the coat curly! This was a tricky one and I wasn’t sure how she was going to do it. I loved how it turned out! He stitched out perfectly.  She has been such a joy to work {Read More}

Finally some weekend sewing!


I managed to get quite a bit done this weekend which hasn’t happened for a while! Between guild meetings, quilt show meetings, husband duty and other stuff my weekends haven’t left a lot of sewing time.  Here is what I got done: A new label for Rainbow Insomnia! I designed this in Stitch Era Universal a few weeks ago and hadn’t had a chance to stitch it out.  Since I was busy trimming bonus triangles from my snowball blocks I {Read More}

Banners and Snowball Blocks


I had a super busy weekend but still managed to get some stuff accomplished in my sewing room. The Topaz came home last Wednesday evening from her spa day and I didn’t get a chance to use her until Saturday or so.  They put on an AWESOME new threader!! I love it so much more than the one it came with.  It is much easier to use.  I don’t know why it didn’t come on the machine in the first {Read More}