Banners and Snowball Blocks

I had a super busy weekend but still managed to get some stuff accomplished in my sewing room. The Topaz came home last Wednesday evening from her spa day and I didn't get a chance to use … [Read more...]

Headcolds and Orca Bay

Last Tuesday I started feeling funny with an odd scratch in my throat but I hoped for the best and attributed it to allergies. Then Wednesday it got worse and finally Thursday it really set … [Read more...]

WIP Wednesday – I’m BACK!

I'm not sure where to start I've been so busy! Here is a summary of my week: Projects finished: 5 (3 twin quilts, 2 mug rugs) Works in Progress: 6 (Cardigan wallhanging, butterfly quilt, … [Read more...]

Singer 201-2 Update

Free Motion Fun on "Betty" I realized I haven't really posted an update on using my Singer 201-2 in a while. I've named her "Betty" and she's become my main sewing machine.  I … [Read more...]

Quilting in Progress

Got some quilting done tonight.  Still need to quilt the borders but I was able to finish the insides of these wallhangings that I'm getting ready to go on Etsy.  Enjoy! Can you … [Read more...]

Pinwheel Pandemonium is Done

I finally finished my first big quilt.  Stitched the last part of the binding last night.  Still need to run it through the wash once but I think it looks good. … [Read more...]

Pinwheel quilt ready for binding

I think it is going to look fantastic. … [Read more...]

Corner border pattern

I like the paisley style of the pattern. I should have chosen a darker thread but it's ok, it's subtle. … [Read more...]

Pinwheel Block – Quilted

After drawing out several designs on the block this was the only one I felt sort of good about so I decided to go for it.  I'm keeping the quilt for myself so if I mess up I'm the one … [Read more...]

Vintage Sewing Reference Links

I truely enjoy sewing on my vintage sewing machine.  Now that it is all tuned up and I know how to regulate my top thread feed, it works like a dream.  I don't have any snags, … [Read more...]