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Viking Dealer BBB Complaint Response

For the Entire Saga start here: Part 1: Why I Will Never Again Purchase or Recommend Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machines Part 2: Final Thoughts on Husqvarna Viking So the day we left for Port Canaveral to go on my cruise I received a response from my Better Business Bureau complaint against Tampa Bay Sewing Center. They claim I lied in my blog posts regarding the situation that occurred with the Topaz 20. They also claim they didn’t have to honor the warranty since it was in my friends name and not my own (this was the first they’d mentioned this little tidbit) and they honored it as a courtesy to me. How kind of them. Summary of BBB Complaint (PDF)...
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Why I will never again purchase or recommend Husqvarna Viking sewing machines

Update: My machine was returned on February 2nd, 2013. See my “Final Thoughts on Husqvarna Viking” post for more info. I hope this is the end of the repair saga. It seems the part is still scarce so I have no idea how they found one for my machine. 2nd Update: See Tampa Bay Sewing Center’s response to my Better Business Bureau complaint here where they call me a liar. I suppose I’ll begin at the beginning. For those that don’t want to read this entire post I’ll sum up my recommendations for you: Rethink your purchase from a Husqvarna Viking dealer unless it has a good reputation for maintenance and customer service. Corporate won’t deal with you if it...
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Upcoming podcast milestone and a repair job

So my very next podcast episode will be episode 50. Episode 50! I can’t believe it. I want to do something special for it and will likely host a giveaway once I dig through my sewing room and find some stuff. It’ll be fun reflecting on the past 50 episodes. Looking forward to what’s in store for the next 50! In other news, I’m getting my Janome 415 worked on this week so I can have it in the office. My boss told me I was welcome to have a sewing machine at work for when I’ve got a break or I’m at lunch. I’ll take small piecing projects and such with me that travel well...
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Have Sewing Machine – Will Travel

A Quilters’ Traveling Necessities Today I leave out for my trip and had a hard time deciding what to take with me.  We’ll be staying at three different places so I didn’t want a ton of stuff, I also didn’t want to take any blocks that I might lose pieces of and ruin a top or something. Packed away in my scrappy bag are tons of scraps!  I packed a large tupperware tub full of strings and crumbs to play with on my trip.  I brought coffee filters, my iron, all my sewing supplies and cotton clothesline for making fabric bowls.  I think I’ll mostly be working on fabric bowl making during the trip since I need to...
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06 – Basil, New Sewing Machine, Fabric Storage, and Class Signup

Agility dog down! New Sewing Machine Class Signup for another Mystery Quilt class Review of the Sharon Schamber basting method Fabric organization suggestions Read all the comments on Big Tent here Tips on How to Have an Organized Sewing Space Do you want to participate in a quilter survey if I create one?
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New Sewing Machine & Scrap Swap

So the big news of the weekend is that last night I went out and purchased the Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 855. I also picked up the quilters feet set and the extension table for my machine. Because I purchased the machine I got 20% off accessories I purchased that night and from now on I’ll get 10% off future purchases. They have nice Mettler thread there so I’m sure I’ll be stocking up on my thread for applique and such as time goes by. Tried it out sewing some scraps together and then I pieced my quilt back for the lap quilt commission I have. So far all is well! I love the needle up/needle down...
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Sewing Machine Saga

So last night, as I’m finishing two commissioned pieces my sewing machine decides it doesn’t want to do buttonholes for me anymore.  This is a problem since my dog ribbon quilts need 5 buttonholes each if I do them the usual way. So I think I’m going to have to re-do the fabric I was using as the flaps for the buttonholes since the bias tape wasn’t feeding well through the machine to do a buttonhole.  It was something new I was trying and it didn’t work.  That’s ok – it just got me so frustrated with my sewing machine I wanted to toss it into the street. So I’m doing more research into a new...
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