Viking Dealer BBB Complaint Response

Why This Quilter Will never again purchase or recommend Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machines

For the Entire Saga start here: Part 1: Why I Will Never Again Purchase or Recommend Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machines Part 2: Final Thoughts on Husqvarna Viking So the day we left for Port Canaveral to go on my cruise I received a response from my Better Business Bureau complaint against Tampa Bay Sewing Center. They claim I lied in my blog posts regarding the situation that occurred with the Topaz 20. They also claim they didn’t have to honor the warranty {Read More}

61 – Cruise prep, Tank Top Dresses, Serger fun, Viking Update


Prepping for my cruise that’s coming up in less than a week! More involved than I’d like but I’ll make it. I’ve spent the last few days working on some tank top dresses and really had fun learning about making skirts.   Exploring my serger has been really fun too! I’ll update you on the latest with my Viking Topaz 20. Hotfix crystal fun and making a folding clutch purse Rearranged the quilting corner a bit and shared photos of {Read More}

Some Final Thoughts on Husqvarna Viking


Last night I picked up my Viking Topaz 20 from my dealer, Tampa Bay Sewing Center. They found a tension assembly and replaced it. It seems to be working. 56 days is how long it took for this repair to be completed. I’ve updated my original blog post on the subject but I have some final thoughts for anyone that might be considering purchasing from HV and also for any dealers out there that might be reading my blog.  When {Read More}

60 – Viking Sucks plus quilts, projects and more

Why This Quilter Will never again purchase or recommend Husqvarna Viking Sewing Machines

I’m gonna unload about Husqvarna Viking in this episode so be prepared. New Projects (and a few finishes): Cruise Tote Baby Bibs Iris Quilt almost finished Nostalgia honeybun quilt Folding purse Modern Quilt Guild Meeting Madrona road challenge Fat Quarter Shop 12 lb Scrap Grab Bag

Why I will never again purchase or recommend Husqvarna Viking sewing machines


Update: My machine was returned on February 2nd, 2013. See my “Final Thoughts on Husqvarna Viking” post for more info. I hope this is the end of the repair saga. It seems the part is still scarce so I have no idea how they found one for my machine. 2nd Update: See Tampa Bay Sewing Center’s response to my Better Business Bureau complaint here where they call me a liar. I suppose I’ll begin at the beginning. For those that don’t {Read More}

57 – Meet Kismet (new Pfaff Creative 2.0)


My breaking point with the Topaz 20 is reached Speaking to my Pfaff dealer I find out there is a used Pfaff Creative 2.0 in my price range I research the features and find it’s got extras my Topaz doesn’t have Debating what to do and how to convince DH this is the right move to make Bringing Kismet home Topaz drama continues

The Night I Cried Uncle


Last night I reached the end of my rope. I tried to test out the embroidery portion to see if the tension was ok there. It wasn’t. Nothing I did worked. I tried 4 different hoopings to see if I could get it to work. Tried three different threads. Played with the tension. Nope. It either shredded the thread, nested underneath, or the tension was so off you couldn’t see ANY of the bobbin thread on the bottom of the {Read More}

Viking Dealer Update & Google Hangout #2 Video!


Yesterday after the podcast I thought I’d get the bright idea to do some embroidery while I was sewing my easy street blocks. I pulled out a towel to do a damask design on. Tension problems again. My thread was in the tension discs, it was in the uptake lever, I turned it all the way up to 7.0 and it still didn’t have any top thread tension. Took the unit off to see if it would even sew normally {Read More}

56 – Mystery quilts, Dealer problems, Etsy and geekyness


Prepping a sample for the crayon melting class Major Orca Bay progress The Topaz 20 has issues We have our first EasyStreet hangout! EasyStreet progress Betty and I have some bonding time Etsy gets some exercise The December Modern Quilt Guild meeting Photos edited for the pinball festival Thanksgiving was survived and a recipe trial success Crockpot Creamed Corn Recipe I attend a Star Trek show in Theaters

Losing Trust in My Dealer


The last six months I’ve had some issues with my Husqvarna Viking Topaz 20 that have caused me to visit my dealer more than usual. The first main issue was the uptake lever that I had worked on in September 2012 when it also received its first full cleaning. They added a little modification to the uptake lever so that the thread would stop popping off of it. The modification still only works about 85% of the time. Issue #1: When {Read More}