Alaska Cruise 2018 Vlog – Part 2 – Juneau Whale Watching and Glacier Tour

Hello quilters! Part 2 of my vlog features our ship setting sail for Alaska and our excursions in our first port of Juneau.  Our tour consisted of about 45 minutes at Mendenhall Glacier … [Read more...]

Alaska Cruise 2018 Vlog – Part 1 – And an update on my future

I can't believe the last time I blogged was in February. When I clicked the "add post" button just now and saw that I internally gasped. I'm back! I have been sewing and doing a tiny bit of … [Read more...]

Holiday Catchup – Mexico, UFO Work, Planning for 2018

It's been a busy few months in my world. Since finishing and shipping off Finding Balance I've been lining up projects to finish as Christmas gifts and other deadlines that are coming up. I … [Read more...]

Road Trip to Atlanta – And an Engagement! Bonus Mystery Fabric Bundle Video

A few months ago my boyfriend asked me to take a certain day off of work for a surprise. Then on my birthday he revealed he was taking me to Atlanta for the weekend to see the Margaret … [Read more...]

89 – Settling The Corgi Cottage, Cruise, Divorce

I feel a little out of practice but I'll get back into the swing of podcasting soon I think! I hope you enjoy this episode.  (Psst... listen to the very end for a bonus clip) Tired of … [Read more...]

NYC Trip Photos

In early October my husband and I took a fun trip to NYC. It was our second time there and the weather was much better this time around. I wasn't quilting the first time we went in 2003 so … [Read more...]

I did a crazy thing

After going red last year during my "30-something mid-life crisis extravaganza" I decided I wanted something different for Vegas and just in general. I had an idea of what I wanted to do and … [Read more...]

A quilter preps for a cruise

My cruise is coming up fast! I'm thinking of all the things I want to make, prep to take or do before the cruise and my mind can't stop spinning with ideas! I have to make a list.  (I love … [Read more...]