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Tutorial – Sea Glass Mermaid

Download the free pattern at Craftsy I’ve been itching to post this tutorial since I finished it over the weekend! This was a fun tutorial I did for Therm-o-web demonstrating my favorite glue stick to use for ticker tape applique. My hairstylist is a huge mermaid fan and after seeing her for years I decided it was time to make something special in a mermaid theme. I hope you enjoy it! And some behind-the-scenes progress photos: And a timelapse video of coloring in the scrollwork border
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Creating Pixel Blocks Using Grid Interfacing – A Tutorial

Materials List: Quiltsmart Watercolor Grid Interfacing in the size of your choice. The width of the fabric strips you are using will determine the grid size. I am using 1.5″ grid since my strips are 1.5″ wide.  They have it in varying sizes: Quiltsmart 1″ Grid Quiltsmart 1.5″ Grid Quiltsmart 2″ Grid Quiltsmart 2.5″ Grid You will also need: Sharp fabric scissors (I used my Perfect Scissors for this project) Piecing thread (I used 50 wt Aurifil Cotton Mako) 90/14 Quilting Needle Purple Thang or small tool to keep fingers away from the needle Iron with steam Teflon Pressing Sheet (I use the Bear Thread Applique Pressing Sheet) Your pattern and fabric strips I recommend reading...
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Tutorial – Printing Directly Onto Fusible Web

I love machine applique but one of the things that I hate doing is tracing designs. They can be really time consuming to do especially if they are very intricate patterns you need to trace. The good news is there is a way to print onto fusible web using your ink-jet printer and it’s not very difficult to do. Supplies and Tools Needed: Your applique template, preferably sized to fit on a regular letter size sheet of paper. Download the Tinkerbell Star design here for free! One sheet of letter-size cardstock or medium weight paper Gluestick, lightweight spray adhesive or scotch tape Lightweight Fusible web – I used Heat and Bond Lite Scissors (paper scissors and serrated...
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The Paper Pieced Pineapple Pincushion Tutorial

I’m desperately trying to spread my addiction of paper pieced pineapple blocks to the masses. What better way than to encourage you with a free tutorial? This is a great block to learn paper piecing on and use up scraps at the same time! You can use it to make a mini quilt with several blocks or just use it as I did for a small pincushion. First things first, you’ll need to gather some supplies and print off the template. Download and print the template here. You will need: The Printed Template Various scrap fabrics Piecing thread (I use Aurifil 50wt Cotton Mako) 90/14 Quilting Needle Small fabric scissors for trimming Polyfil stuffing Chopstick or...
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Sewing Machine Tool Belt Tutorial

Several months ago I had the idea to make this because I was sick of dropping my seam ripper or small cuticle scissors on the floor. I know some sewing machines won’t accommodate this because they have buttons and stuff this would cover up but for those of you with a style of machine like mine I think you’ll find this useful! Gather your supplies!
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Easy Lined Pouch Tutorial – Free!

I love little pouches and how versatile they can be for so many things. You can create a pouch with any size fabric so I left this tutorial vague as to sizes so that you can make a pouch large or small depending on your taste and use. It can even be square if you’d prefer – it doesn’t have to be rectangular. I made mine to hold my new iPhone and some accessories safely in my purse or bag. It offers some protection but shouldn’t be considered a “drop proof” or “scratch proof” case. You will need: These pieces should be cut to the same size: Backing Fabric (owl print show in photo) Batting piece...
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How to quilt using your embroidery machine

This is a basic tutorial for simple quilting in the hoop without marking your quilt top.  It is good practice if you ever want to move on to doing special designs in specific shapes, blocks and spaces. For any design you decide to use I recommend doing a test stitchout on a sample quilt sandwich before doing it on the real thing.  This is the best way to test your tension! Materials needed: A basted quilt sandwich – mine is pin basted Masking tape A single-run quilt design - I get most of my designs from Embroidery Library A printout of your quilt design with grid marks Binder clips Your largest quilt hoop I use the same...
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Snowball Block Tutorial & Bonus Triangle Ideas

I’m doing a bunch of snowball blocks for a new quilt top and I thought I’d share my method.  Snowball blocks normally have smaller corner triangles but I wanted more color in my quilt so mine are bigger.  If you want more of the “rounded” corner illusion in your top then make your corners smaller in relation to your background square. The basic idea is the same to sew both of them up. Tools you will need: Background fabric square. Mine is 10.5″ but you can make it larger or smaller depending on your preference. Corner squares – I used 5″ charms since I had a bunch to use up but if you want something smaller...
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Free Sewing Machine Mat Tutorial

I needed a sewing machine mat in a hurry since I’m taking a workshop on Sunday and I’m tired of losing stuff all the time!  I found a good tutorial a few weeks ago but just didn’t have the time to quilt my own piece of fabric.  Then I remembered that a certain big fabric store sells pre-quilted fabric and the lightbulb went off.   I made this in a few hours (it took longer because of the photos and stuff) but I love it! Here is what you’ll need:
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