Completed Projects 2010-2011

I’ll be keeping a running total of projects in the works and completed projects here. I think it is important to see progress of some sort with everything you do.
Completed Projects 2010
First Quilt Project - Wall Hanging
Daisy Wallhanging

This is the first quilt project I’ve ever completed.  It came in a kit, I started it in 2005 and picked it back up 5 years later determined to finish it up.  Got me addicted to quilting for sure.  I love the butterfly fabric.  This was completed July 2010.  I had tons of help doing the quilting and stitching at a LQS quilting bee. 
Baby Quilt – Noah
Completed July 2010.  One of my husband’s childhood friends got married a few years ago and they had a baby this Summer.  I completed this cuddly baby quilt in July and that was quite an adventure working with slippery furry fabrics.  It turned out ok and I learned that my sewing machine needs a good metal darning foot to do quilting with instead of the plastic piece of crap I’d purchased originally. 
Corgi Wallhanging
Completed August 2010.  This is the first corgi wall hanging I’d ever designed and pieced.  Things I learned – the inner panels need to be quilted just like the borders do otherwise it can get a bit lumpy after being washed.  I also worked a bit on my appliqué technique around the templates.  Overall it turned out well.  This was before I learned of the fast finish hanging triangles to keep the edges from rolling up AND to create a super easy way to hang these on the wall.
I do like this and it is hanging in the hall near my guest bathroom now.  Since so many other corgi people liked it I decided to make some others to sell on Etsy for the fellow corgi fanatic in your life.
Pinwheel Pandemonium
Completed August 2010.  This quilt was the largest project I’ve ever worked on.  It measures 65″ x 65″.    I found this pattern in an applique book I purchased for $5 a B&N; years ago and thought it looked manageable for me to do.  I love the way it turned out.  A few things I learned on this quilt:  the importance of good thread for quilting (this solved my birdnest problem while doing FMQ), how to sew a button on by machine, how to do follow-the-line free motion quilting in the borders and I perfected sewing binding together.  I fell in love with my Singer 201 sewing machine while quilting this quilt.  
Cardigan WH
Completed October 2010.  This is a cardigan wallhanging that I made for my breeder that gave me precious little Byron.  I tried a new type of applique in this, raw edge applique, and I think it turned out nicely.  I also did a fussy cut of the inside panels to catch some of the cute elements of the fabric. 
I learned that my template needs to be larger otherwise I have a hard time turning the needle to do outlining.  This is why this was done with a darning foot for the outlines rather than a zig zag stitch around the outside.  A bigger template makes it much easier to applique around the edges.  I also did fast finish triangles on the back to make it easy to hang.  
Princess Quilt
Completed October 2010.  This lap quilt was a gift for my niece that turned 4 in October.  She loves Disney Princesses and I had some Fat Quarters lying around in my stash that were initially purchased for a baby quilt that never got made.  Four years later she got one.  🙂  The quilting went much smoother since I was using the right thread.  I did two borders on this quilt, an inside and an outside border and I also added some cornerstones to the outside border.  
The backing is flannel and was very soft!  I loved this little quilt.  It was really fun to make.  

Mug Rug
My first scrappy mug rug was completed November 2010.  It was for a mug rug swap.  I wasn’t completely happy with the way it turned out but it was ok for my first mug rug.  I learned how to add pockets to a project.  Also learned to really think about the fabric you are putting on the back of a project before you quilt it.

UF Lap Quilt
FSU Lap Quilt

These are two fleece lap quilts I whipped together for Christmas gifts.  I backed them in flannel and did straight line quilting about 2 inches apart. The pieces were sewn together and then turned inside out so I didn’t have to do a binding on them.  
I took great care at smoothing them out while pin basting which is why I think they really did so well.  The whole process for both of them took about a day total.

Daisy Quilt

This is the Daisy quilt that I created for my mom for Christmas 2010.  I had the fabric leftover from something else and decided to turn it into a lap quilt.  The borders were chosen to match the leaves and daisy centers.  The back was pieced.  The border was quilted with an oak leaf motif and the inside of each block was quilted with a daisy free motion pattern.

Pin basting didn’t go so well on this quilt.  I had a few mishaps and won’t be using that method again.  For the most part it turned out ok though. The binding went on the fastest I’ve ever done for a quilt.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Completed Projects 2011
Quilted Agility Ribbon Holder Prototype
Quilted Agility ribbon holderAgility trial people like to show off their qualifying and placement ribbons at the show!  Most people hang them on the side of their dog crate but I wanted to come up with something even better to display the ribbons you collect over a weekend.  

The prototype turned out well and I’m going to do some redesigning to fit more ribbons on it and customize it with the dogs name so you can have one for each dog you are running at the trial.
Kindle 3 Cover - Outside
Kindle 3 Cover Inside

Custom Kindle 3 Cover

This was sewn for my mom.  The inside has two pockets and corners to hold the Kindle securely but it is hard to see in the Kaffe Fassett fabric.  The pattern is awesome and includes cutting instructions for the Kindle (2 & 3), Nook and Nook Color, and iPad.  Everything goes together so wonderfully.  Best $6 I ever spent on a pattern.  There is a button for the closure I just took a photo before sewing it on. 

Etsy listing - custom e-reader covers for Kindle Nook or iPadCustom Nook Color Cover
Made as a sample for my Etsy shop!  I love the butterfly fabric on both the inside and the outside.  Also shown is my mom’s cover with the button sewn on.

Mug Rug
Created for a swap I hosted.  These are two sawtooth stars with the inner block quilted in a 4 heart design with lots of filler stippling to make them stand out.  Also hard to see but I quilted butterflies along the borders.  

Mug Rug I sent to my partner
Mug Rug

Mug Rug I sent to my partner
Mug Rug

NADAC Trial Photos
Agility Ribbon Holder

NADAC Trial Photos
Agility Ribbon Holder

Dog Ribbon Quilts
Agility Ribbon Holder

Dog Ribbon Quilts
Agility Ribbon Holder

Blue & White Lap Quilt
Commission quilt w/ gamer tag

Sunbonnet Sue Wall-Hanging
Sunbonnet Sue wallhanging for Mom for Mother’s Day

Quilted Fabric Bowl
Quilted Fabric Bowl

Mondo Bag - Quiltsmart Interfacing
Mondo Bag

Quilted Shawl - Prototype
Quilted Shawl Prototype

Dog Agility Ribbon Quilt Holder
Agility Ribbon Holder

Fabric Bowls
Corded Fabric Bowls

Finished Quilt - Hot Mess
Hot Mess Quilt – gifted to a friend in need

Fabric Bowls
Corded Fabric Bowls

Fabric Flower
Fabric Flower

Halloween Quilted Wall Hanging
Halloween Wall-hanging w/ applique

The Modern Garden - CCQG Challenge Quilt - 2011
The Modern Garden Challenge Quilt

Hexagonal Mug Rug
Hexagonal Mug Rug

Cardigan Welsh Corgi Wall Hanging (soon to be on Etsy)
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Wall Hanging

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