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Bernie, full registered name “Bernice Brisen Ringo”, came to us on October 21, 2006.  She is my first dog.   Bernie was a challenging puppy to have especially for a first time owner but I stepped up to the challenge.  With the help of a great trainer, she became a awesome clicker trained dog and fell in love with shaping exercises.  Many of my trick videos on YouTube feature Bernie doing all sorts of fun stuff since she loves experimenting and will do anything for a click and a treat.   She was trained in agility up to competition level but because of a continuous shoulder issue I retired her before we really began to compete.  X-rays revealed she has an angular limb deformation in her left front leg. She gets around fine and as long as she isn’t jumping it doesn’t get inflamed.

Loves:  Food, all kinds.  Antlers and buffalo horns. Soft laps to invade.  Petting on her head. Squirrels. Performing abdominal surgery on plush toys.  Swimming.  Rolling in mud and dirt.  Eating grass.  Squirrels.  Barking for any and every reason.  Sterilized hollow bones.  Her special bed. People – even the small kind.  And Squirrels if I didn’t already mention that.  

Hates:  Paw touching or body handling if it isn’t her idea first.  Waiting for her meal in the morning.  Sharing.  Being surprised.  Annoying puppies in her face.  Thunder.  Fireworks.  Bernie also has an issue with bladder stones that are caused by struvite crystal formation.  She is on a special raw diet to prevent crystals from forming.  So far it is working (fingers crossed and knock on wood).   Basil - Corgi Backyard Play

Basil, full registered name “Basil Bennington Ringo”, came to us May 10, 2008 and is cousin to Bernie.  We wanted a tri-color male as a companion to Bernie.  He was sort of a last-minute decision as the breeder had a litter and we hadn’t planned on getting him months and months before like we had with Bernie.

Basil is our little goofball.  He is timid and needs lots of encouragement to try new things.  He is trained in agility and competed for a year before he started having ACL issues.  His right ACL completely ruptured in December 2011 but was successfully repaired and his left ACL ruptured in 2015. He has made a full recovery and runs around like a maniac still.  We won’t be doing competition agility but might enter a tunnelers class every once in a while for fun.

Likes:  Food, all kinds.  Tunnels.  Rolling in good, smelly things.  Other dogs.  Swimming.  Women.  Chasing after Bernie while she chases Squirrels.  Sleeping on tile.  Wubba toys.  Sticks.  Zooming around.  Children.  Agility.  Stealing toys from Bernie when she isn’t looking. Herding his giant kickball around the yard.

Hates:  Loud noises.  Storms.  Being stared at.

Byron - Cardigan Welsh Corgi - Puppy 5 Months

Byron, full registered name “Three Times a Charming Byron”, came to us on October 22, 2010.  He is our first Cardigan Welsh Corgi.  I purchased him as an agility prospect and he decided he wasn’t too keen on agility so now he’s our cuddly home dog.

He is goofy and loves to play with other dogs and toys. It takes a bit for him to warm up to strangers.

Likes:  Toys.  Really loves latex squeaky toys and long stuffed squeaky toys he can carry around from place to place.  Other puppies.  Exploring new places.  Chasing Bernie and Basil.  Turkey hotdogs.  Being scratched on his neck or behind his ears.  Being held.  Running.  Climbing to new heights.  Scenting things in the yard. Running around in the rain.

Hates:  Strangers. Sounds on the other side of the fence. Not getting all he wants to eat. Not being tall enough to reach the counters.

For now three is the magic number.


  1. Jan Hottle says:

    Hi Katie!! Love your website! I too am a quilter and am owned by 3 Pembroke welsh corgis! They are my “Kids” as my husband and I never had any human kids. Thanks for sharing your kids with us!!:)

  2. Greetings from another corgi lover and quilter. I get about one quilt finished a year but enjoy both the process and my quilting friends. We are in between corgis. Gimli, a red and white Pem and my first dog, shared his corgi-ness with us for 3 1/2 years but was taken by lymphoma in November. We were heartbroken but we also knew he had made us not only dog lovers but corgi lovers. I’m tickled that we’re currently talking with breeders and if the stars line up properly, we’ll add a new corgi to our family this spring. So happy to find other quilters who are also corgi lovers.

  3. P.S. Nice lookin’ family you have there. Have fun with agility. We did agility for fun, and it was.

  4. Juliane Longden says:

    Very interesting that you have 3 corgis. I like sewing as a hobby. We have 3 cardigan corgis since our Bulldog Pudsey died a few yrs ago now.
    Basil is the oldest, he is tri-coloured and 4 yrs old now, then there is Tulip – she is 3 and red & white, last but not least is ‘fat-boy’ (he is just compact in comparison to the others) Teddy, he is 2 and is brindle.
    They are great pets!
    Really nice to have found your website!

  5. Mariana Nortje says:

    I just adore your grey mottled and white puppy! By now he is probably full grown. I have 2 Boerbull’s and one Rhodesian Ridgeback – all my dogs are Southern African breeds, but I love corgis. Do they make good watchdogs?

  6. Hi Katie,

    We did find a corgi puppy, we call her Bonnie. It’s wonderful to have a puppy in the house again but I’m not getting much sewing done! Books about dog/puppy training are getting my attention, though. Here’s our girl this morning. She’s 16 weeks old. Rats, having trouble putting her photo in this message. Let me know how to share her photo.

    How’s it going with agility?

  7. Found you through your podcast a couple months ago. When looking up the description I knew you were one I would enjoy! I took up quilting about 4 years ago and happened to adopt a corgi we named Gabby at the same time. She and our mutt, Greta, are wonderful and great companions while I am sewing.
    Also, hearing about your sewing machine/dealer woahs has helped me rethink my next machine. I’m not in a hurry to buy so I will be taking my time and looking more thoughtfully at the Pfaff.
    Thanks for the podcast!


  8. Kay Anthony says:

    We have two sweet corgis. Winslow (6) and Tasha.(1) We so enjoy them and all you mention is exactly what they want and do. Except agility or shows. They probably would have been great but the owners are lazy – that would be me.Thanks for sharing. I do love the corgi

  9. Sue Clarkson says:

    Okay, so you quilt, own Corgis, and love Girl Scout Cookies. If we ever met we’d definitely be kindred spirits! I have two red & white Pems, one a girl we planned for for months, and a boy, her nephew, who was really an impulse purchase. Sound familiar? I also love to quilt, I’m not sure which led me to you first, think it was something Corgi related in your Etsy shop? At any rate, really enjoying your blog!

  10. How in the world did I miss this page? LOL…the babies are adorable.

  11. I too love quilting and have two sweet corgis. Daisy (4) and Ginger (3). Happy to have found your website because pictures of fabric and corgis just makes my day!

  12. Love your corgis! Love all corgis, really. We have only one, Shilo, who is nearing 13. But we’ve been blessed with a continuing string of the little darlings for 45 years. Oh, yeah — and I quilt. 🙂 You have a beautiful family!

  13. I have a friend who is also a quilter and loves corgis. She had 2 females but recently lost one to a brain tumor. Do you know how she could contact Corgi Rescue to save another corgi? She loves them and wants to add to her family. Thanks for any help.

    • There are many corgi rescues all over the nation – it depends on what area she is in. She can google corgi rescue for her city and see if one is available nearby or contact a local corgi kennel club and ask them, most are involved with rescues too or at least know about them. Petfinder would be another good place to look.

  14. Thanks for sharing your tutorials and your corgis! We have Rocky, our red headed tri. He is 11 yrs old now and the sweetest boy. Unfortunately, his litter mate, Phoebe (my best friend) passed away last November. Rocky and I both desperately miss her. I saw your fairy and corgi quilt on Flickr and I just love it.

  15. constance says:

    Corgis & quilts? Yes! My 2 sister corgis are a yr old, and I just started quilting again. So happy to have found your blog!

  16. Corgis and quilts! 2 of my loves! My boy Sam-I-Am is 13 1/2 and loved by all who meet him. We are having some elderly bladder issues but otherwise healthy and hoping for a a few more years! I was just thinking the other day that I should try to sew some sort of Corgi quilt!

  17. Count me in…..quilts and Corgis!! Mine too do like, hate and eat like yours…..we don’t do agility. “Lady” herds the vacuum cleaner and the broom. We have learned we can’t do anything without “Corgi help”, she is our 3rd red & white Pem. She is going on 12 now. She is doing good health wise, but gobbles food then throws up….I got some really neat anti-gobble food dishes which help. It has been delightful reading about all the other folks that have Corgis and quilts as a passion. Thank you!

  18. I, too, am a Cardigan “mom” (first, along with being a quilter) beginning with my first Cardi in March of 1976 and have never been without at least two and most at four. As an owner-handler, my dogs have titled in conformation, obedience, agility and herding along with temperament testing and CGC. In addition to all of their multiple titles and talents, two of them, Polly graced the cover of AKC Gazette and Skipper in his blue splendor was a cover dog of Dog Fancy. Not to be outdone, the photos of the rest of the ‘crowd’ were chosen for books, magazines etc. My two girls, Maggie, a brown brindle and Tammy, a red brindle, at 10 years young each, are retired 4-H dogs and now enjoy the much nicer weather in North Carolina, ‘hunting’ squirrels, rabbits and lost cookies. Tammy has learned the fun game of treiball while Maggie prefers to be the cheerleader. In my quilt room under my cutting and ironing tables, they each have a bed although they occasionally will share. Corgis, of either breed, are indeed magical, have incredible infectious personalities, are quite clever and oh, so adorable!

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