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Ever wonder were I get all my stuff from? I try to purchase smart and get the best bang for my buck. Here is a really long list of places I source my items from:


Fabrics and Pre-cuts

Fat Quarter Shop – For stash building I purchase their 12 Pound Fabric Grab Bag here. They typically also carry the latest fabric collections and you can get notifications when future collections are released. – I love to purchase my background fabrics here. It’s easy to find neutrals that you can add to your stash because they have a neat color selector tool. Most of the background fabrics I’ve found are under $5 per yard for quilt shop quality fabrics.  They feel wonderful! She has a nice selection of wide-back fabrics and batiks that are reasonably priced.

Missouri Star Quilt Company – they have great prices on daily deals and in general for precuts. Sign up for their daily deal newsletter and you’ll find out what deal they have each day on a precut! The jelly roll and layer cake deals are worth it since shipping is usually $5+ on top of your order.  Still, you can figure on saving $10 for a jelly roll or layer cake from MSQC.



Notions – I have a Prime membership account so I get free shipping on everything.  I try to purchase all my rulers, needles, cutting blades etc. from Amazon. I can usually come out cheaper by doing this than by going to a local big box fabric store unless I have a good coupon. – for all my English Paper Piecing templates you can’t beat their prices on diecut pieces.



Metro Embroidery Thread – they have fantastic prices on great embroidery thread. The mini cones are 1000 meters and include a snap end spool to keep your loose ends from going all over the place.  Same with the big spools which are 5000 meters.  They also sell stabilizer and prewound bobbins when they have them in stock.

Cutaway stabilizer – 10″ x 100 yards for $19.99 via

Tearaway stabilizer – 10″ x 100 yards for $19.99 via – I love having a large roll of this so I don’t have to worry about running out anytime soon. 10″ is generally wide enough for most of what I do.

100 piece 75/11 Organ Needles for Embroidery Machines – – you will go through needles like crazy so having a large pack of them is really nice.

60 wt. White Bobbin Thread 5000m by ThreadArt – – this is awesome bobbin thread and you can get a lot of it wound onto a bobbin. I can’t believe how strong it is for a 60 wt thread!

Curved Embroidery Scissors (Gingher) – great for trimming away applique fabric and threads.


Embroidery Library – they have a great selection of single run designs that I’ve used for quilting in the hoop and lots of other designs to choose from for regular embroidery. If you sign up for their newsletter you will be notified when they have a sale which is quite often!

Big Dreams Embroidery – beautiful applique designs and really fun in-the-hoop projects. She releases new stuff nearly every week and will occasionally have a sale for her Facebook followers.

Urban Threads – unique designs for the geeks in the world! They have lots of different things that you won’t find anywhere else. I particularly like their Sinbonnet Sue line.

8 Claws and a Paw – perfect for monograms and fonts, they have a large selection


  1. Blanche says:

    Discovered your site tonight as I was looking for a tutorial on English Paper Piecing…this page had great tips and places to go to…thanks…I subscribed to your newsletter and I will be coming back again….
    Happy Spring…

  2. Thank you for your fantastic blog, here is just a little tip from me: you can get the same needles much cheaper if you buy them through the yahoo group needlecoop.

  3. I’m just trying to decide if I want to try and start a part-time business. I’ve been sewing for years and want to learn to quilt – would like to make items from the size of potholders to quilts. I’ve just purchased a Janome 8900QCP and so excited to get it and become acquainted with it. I’m glad I found your article which has some great information regarding pricing, etc. Also, there are some great links for materials. I’ve read all the posts and picked up some great ideas. Thanks for your time to make this post!

  4. i’ve repaired all brands for 40 years. never sold new. all makers products are declining, and have been doing so sine before i started. the older and simpler the machine the less problems. when you double the parts you quadruple the failures. all the major brands are now investment group owned, and are made in china vietnam or malaysia, or whatever country is cheapest. these entities want to sell machines not parts. i always recommend using the straight stitch machine as much as you can, and the more complicated machines when you need what they can do. also a built in cam stack is not as reliable as drop in cams. just as greist buttonholers make better bh than most machines, and stay in adjustment. good luck

  5. Linda Kamp Waugh says:

    Would you please email me the type/brand of clamps you use when th your quilting suspension system? I can’t find the info on your website. Thanks much.
    Linda Waugh

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