Pinterest Policy

You do not have to ask for permission to pin from this blog as long as you follow the other guidelines below.

  • You may pin most pictures from this blog {see below for exceptions}
  • Please give proper credit back to this blog via linking to the proper post when you pin.  Not sure how to edit your links after the fact?  Video tutorial on how to edit your pins and change the links.
  • Please do not pin a tutorial and give the complete instructions of the tutorial in the pin.  Tutorials are hard work and a little credit would be nice!
  • Please do not alter my photos before or after you pin them.
  • I occasionally have guests or images on my blog that are not my own and they will clearly give credit to the creator/owner.  Please do not pin these images from my blog as they are not mine and are used on my blog only with proper permission.
    • Free Pattern Friday is an example of this rule.  If you are going to pin a tutorial from a Free Pattern Friday post I recommend clicking through to the link to the other persons blog and pinning from there so they get direct credit on Pinterest.  Of course, observe their rules of Pinterest prior to pinning as they may be different than my own.


  1. karen buhr says:

    love the jelly roll quilt…

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