I host a quilting podcast that I started in January of 2011 to talk about my quilting journey, my corgi dogs, dog agility experiences, quilt guild and life updates.

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  1. Dianne Giles says:

    Hi Katie,
    I have recently found your podcasts and through them your blog. I listen to quilting podcasts to and from work – makes the 25km trip very nice!! I must say, you are very entertaining and full of information. I’m not listening to your podcasts in order, but rather as the topic takes my fancy. The interview with Kimberly Einmo was great – lots of information and what a lovely lady. I hope your baby with the sore toosh is all better.

    Since listening to a lot of American podcasts, I am getting to the stage where the accent is becoming not as noticeable!! I live in Adelaide in South Australia and even though the quilting community is quite large here in Australia, I have not found anyone who does podcasts. Keep the podcast rolling and I look forward to more listening time!! Kind regards, Dianne

  2. Hi Katie,
    I recently discovered your podcast and blog. I wanted you to know that I find your podcast and blog refreshing and informative. I love how you talk about both successes and failures – makes it much more relatable to me and probably to all of your listeners. I have been sewing for years, but have only started quilting about 4 years ago. I have mostly quilt tops and have been too intimidated to machine quilt them (even though I took a class on it!). After listening to your projects and seeing your photos, I am ready to finally dive into machine quilting.

    I love your corgi stories and can totally relate. Similar to you, my “kids” were my 3 pugs, Sammy, Sunshine and Rascal (sadly, we are down to one pug :( Rascal, he is 15 years old). There will definitely be more doodlepugs in our future (my nickname for our doggies).

    Keep up the great podcasts and blog posts. In the meantime, I am having great fun catching up with all of your old podcasts!

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