Tools of the Trade


This can be overwhelming!!! I think new quilters can get overwhelmed when they see all the tools, rulers, templates and such available to quilters and they have no idea what they need to get started.  It can get expensive very quickly (remember seeing how much rulers cost for the first time?) so it helps to know what is useful and what is optional.  I thought I’d make my recommended list. Obviously the tools needed for various projects are different, but {Read More}

12 – The Scanty Quarter Inch, Princess Quilt Progress, Sunbonnet Sue and Agility Update


Princess Quilt Top (will add high-res photos later): Tackling that 1/4″ Seam One of my swap partners on the latest block swap suggested that I discuss the whole quarter inch seam business since most of the blocks she received had seams of varied widths sewn into them and they were all different sizes. Tools for your Sewing Machine to Get that Quarter Inch Seam Allowance Q-Tools Sewing Edge (works with any machine) Low-Shank Snap on 1/4″ Sewing Foot (Fits All Low {Read More}

05 – Sewing Machine Saga, Basting, Book Review & Quilty Updates


Thank you commenters! What I’ve Been Up To Commission Progress (Ribbon Quilts, Blue and White Lap Quilt) Basting Adventures Sharon Schamber Basting Tutorial Video 1 Sharon Schamber Basting Tutorial Video 2 Quilting in Harmony Reviews This Method: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 Hanging Triangles for Wall Hangings Tear away stabilizer sitting in your pantry I test out the Husqvarna Viking Sapphire 875 Quilt edition sewing machine and get frustrated with my Janome refusing to make buttonholes Another {Read More}

Labeling – After the Fact


I listened to a recent podcast episode of Quilting for the Rest of Us and realized how I’ve completely avoided labeling my quilts. I’m regretting it now. It isn’t for lack of thinking about it or asking how to do it, I just skipped that step altogether because it was something I just simply didn’t know how to do and didn’t want to think about doing. The episode converted me and made me realize that it is an important step {Read More}

A Basting Fool

My goal yesterday was to get my quilt pin basted and I took my sweet time doing it.   Part of the issue was that I had to vacuum my floors prior to taping down the layers since I have corgis and they love to bless me with all of their hair year round.  I didn’t want all of the corgi tumbleweeds getting into the quilt so I vaccumed and swept all of it up that I could.  I do this {Read More}

Two Left Feet

The darning foot I ordered from Sew Vac just was not working for me.  The plastic housing that went around the foot shank just kept moving and wouldn’t ever stay still.  It was constantly giving me problems.  I’m surprised I was ever able to do any free motion work with that foot looking back. I ordered a nice, all metal darning foot from eBay.  Last night I used it for the first time on a wall hanging and noticed an {Read More}