Major Orca Bay Progress


I started Orca Bay last year and my progress stalled around clue #6 before it was stuck into a tray until I picked it back up a week or so ago. Since the new mystery was starting so soon I wanted to try to make some progress before I started a new project, mostly to save space. This pattern can now be found in Bonnie Hunter’s book String Fling. I got a lot done in a week! Put the blocks {Read More}

My Fabric Picks for Easy Street


My room isn’t perfect yet but I had enough space cleaned off for me to pull fabric for Easy Street – the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt for this year. She had the very smart idea of pulling paint chips so everyone could accurately match fabrics for the mystery quilt even from far away! I’m a member of the Bonnie Hunter Easy Street Mystery Quilt Flickr Group – we’re sharing all of our photos there and discussing the project amongst each {Read More}

New Accuquilt Dies and Packing for Travel (bonus doggie pix)


A few weeks ago I bought some new Accuquilt Go! dies and didn’t get a chance to try them out until last night. We put on the latest episode of True Blood and I pulled out all my stuff. I love my rolling cart that all my Accuquilt Go! stuff sits in now! I found it at a yard sale for $15 and thought it was the perfect thing. I have a large bin of scraps behind the doors. The {Read More}

The Weekend Roundup & Movie Recommendation


Saturday the dogs woke up early (as usual) so I got out of bed around 7:15AM and took care of that before heading into the sewing room.  I straightened up a bit and then looked at things I needed to work on.  I ended up ironing out my Orca Bay wing units so they could be put into a plastic bag and neatly stacked with the other units I have finished.  I turned Pandora on on the laptop so I {Read More}

32 – In The Hoop, Christmas, BDSI Wrapup, Spring Cleaning


I completed an Anita Goodesign project in the hoop and made a cute table topper!  I’ll share my trials and tribulations with my embroidery machine. I received a few Christmas gifts Planning the Bargello quilt along Orca Bay progress Thinking ahead for 2012 goals Painting Creating a new ironing board top #NYSI BDSI Wrapup Basil update Bissell Poweredge Pet Edition  review

Embroidery Machine Fun & Orca Bay Update


A few weeks ago we were down in Brandon where my sewing machine shop is and I stopped in to chat with Vicki – the lady that sold me my first Viking Sapphire – and of course I had to do some  shopping.  I looked at a few of the patterns available and decided to try this one out since it involved quilting and piecing in the hoop.  I think my first shot at it didn’t turn out so bad!Pattern: Anita {Read More}

Orca Bay Part 4 = Some Sewing Therapy


Basil on his favorite place in my sewing room! Yesterday it happened – Basil’s ACL ruptured. I was expecting it to happen as I’d been warned but I didn’t think it would happen this soon. I don’t know what he did or how he did it but that morning he was limping and his leg looked pretty bad. He couldn’t control it at all. I called the orthopedic surgeon and left them a message letting them know it looked like {Read More}

Orca Bay Part 3 Progress


For the Orca Bay Mystery Quilt Part 3 – I was able to get 360 HST done yesterday! The foundation paper piecing method worked really well and I’m pleased with my units.  I got extras just in case a few don’t “measure up”.  All I have left to do is clip the dog ears off which will happen this week as I’m watching TV. Right now they all fit neatly in my little fabric bowl that I made.  I’m ending {Read More}

Headcolds and Orca Bay


Last Tuesday I started feeling funny with an odd scratch in my throat but I hoped for the best and attributed it to allergies. Then Wednesday it got worse and finally Thursday it really set in. I managed to get through Thanksgiving lunch with the family before heading home and crashing on the couch for the night. All weekend I’ve been holed up here in my pajamas not feeling like doing very much. My cast iron teapot was pulled out {Read More}

WIP Wednesday


I’m at 300 sets now…. 150 to go Finishes this week: 1 Cardigan Wallhanging (on Etsy now) Works in Progress: 3 (Orca Bay Mystery Quilt, Butterfly Quilt, Corgi Wallhangings) Projects on hold: Too numerous to list I cut for over an hour last night on the Orca Bay triangles before getting bored and decided to detour into quilting a top I had hanging on my clothes rack. I’m hoping I can get some stuff listed on Etsy prior to Christmas {Read More}