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More Butterfly Quilt Progress and Playing with Metallic Thread

Anne and I are getting along famously working on the butterfly quilt together. I finished quilting the sashing and border and decided to quilt the inside of all of the wings with different colored metallic threads. I did have to change my needle from a Size 100 to a 110 for it to work better but once I did that it was smooth sailing. The metallic threads offer a subtle touch to the wings. I’m going to add hotfix crystals when I’m done with everything. So all I have left to do is some microstippling in the white panels, quilting in the antenna and then trimming and binding! I’m debating whether to add hanging tabs across...
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Feathers, Feathers and the Butterfly Quilt

This is a UFO that’s over 2 years old and I decided to pull it out and work on the darn thing so I could get a better feel for Anne. I’ve had The Butterfly Quilt hanging in my closet for a while after I worked on the center panel.  (See my photos from 2011 on this project when I first started quilting it).  I got nervous overthinking the quilt after I quilted the center section and was seriously worried if I got back to it I’d screw it up. After practicing some feathers on Anne and a scrap sandwich I pulled it out and stuck it under the needle. This quilt has some interesting areas...
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I’m getting a sewing cabinet!

I’ve been wanting a sewing cabinet for my computerized sewing machine  ever since I got my Singer 201-2 that is built into one and realized how easy it made piecing and quilting! I have an extension table but that isn’t quite the same. The quilts get caught on the corners while I’m FMQing and it gets annoying after a while. Hubby asked me what I wanted for my birthday/anniversary and I mentioned the sewing cabinet and explained I’d been saving up for one since I found a model I liked. Here is what I decided on! The cabinet is on its way and the custom fit insert I just ordered for my machine. Arrow Bertha Sewing...
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Distractions & A Bargello Quilt Along Plan

Wednesday night, after coming home from a dinner with the hubs, I went into my sewing room and looked at The Butterfly Quilt on my sewing machine waiting for some more quilting to be done on it. I seriously am considering naming the quilt “That F*@$#ing Butterfly Quilt” because of the anxiety I develop before sitting down to quilt a section.  What was I thinking when I decided to do free motion feathers inside of the panels? Argh! Add to my frustration my other great decision to do microstippling where my feathers didn’t fit.  This quilt is gonna take a while to finish.  I need to re-think my desire to do a Wholecloth quilt. Here are...
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WIP Wednesday – I’m BACK!

I’m not sure where to start I’ve been so busy! Here is a summary of my week: Projects finished: 5 (3 twin quilts, 2 mug rugs) Works in Progress: 6 (Cardigan wallhanging, butterfly quilt, Moda Origins Jelly Roll Quilt, Twist and Shout Mystery Quilt, Aviary charms tumbling blocks quilt, jelly roll lone star quilt) Stuff on hold: 2 (strip twist blocks, tilted 4 patch blocks)  I guess I’ll start with the major project and work my way down. The quilting on my butterfly quilt is going slow.  I’m taking my time with it so I don’t mess up the feathers.  Before I do a section I take it off the machine and stare at it to...
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WIP Wednesday

On the table: 3 Dog Ribbon Holders – I’ve cut the background fabric and traced the letters onto the fusible web.  I hope to get almost all of the shapes appliquéd tonight so I can prepare it for quilting by the weekend.  I have a 4th one I want to try to do before I leave but not sure if I’ll have time. Butterfly Applique Quilt - Nearly finished doing the appliqué stitch on all the panels.  All I have are two panels with the butterfly bodies and I’ll be done.  Then I can trim the panels and start piecing.  On the side I’m cutting fabric for strip twist blocks and my Grandmother’s Flower Garden traveling...
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WIP Wednesday Roundup

Works in progress: Blue and White lap quilt commission.  I’ve got all the applique letters cut out and the strip piecing started.  Cut one strip set to see how many I’d get on each strip.  I love the way these two fabrics work together.  I think it’ll look nice with the dark blue border. I thought I’d post a photo of the butterfly quilt that always shows up neglected on my works in progress list so you can see how gorgeous it is.  Still need to appliqué the pieces and then put on the sashing and binding to finish this one up.   Other works in progress not shown: 2 mug rugs that need binding put on to...
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