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Problem Solving – Bleeding

I’ll break the good news first – my Corgi Fairytale quilt was accepted into the AQS Modern Quilt Challenge and will be judged and displayed at AQS Iowa Quilt Week in Des Moines October 2-5, 2013. I really wasn’t sure if it would be accepted. Now that it has been I’m going over the quilt with a fine tooth comb (a handheld LED Ottlight) and finding little teeny problems. One of them that’s a major issue is bleeding with some of the red scraps.  Remember how I said a few podcasts ago that I wanted to share some of my troubleshooting tips? Here’s a bangup mistake that can happen to any quilter. It’s no secret that I...
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Sometimes it just needs a border

I’ve got a bajillion deadlines coming up with all the classes I’m teaching in the fall so I’m working my butt off to get my samples done before previews. Yesterday I spent the day at Scrap and Sew putting the finishing touches on my lonestar quilt. Tess looked at it along with a few others and said it really needed a border. I agreed but didn’t think I’d have time to put one on. We worked together and added the piano key border yesterday and then I quilted it on a Pfaff P3 Powerquilter using some fun Signature pastel variegated thread.   Because I’m not used to the feel of the longarm I ended up just keeping...
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Fabric Storage and Organization Redux (+ a giveaway)

Whew – I feel like I need a vacation from my fabric! We’ve been rather intimate the past week as I’ve been sorting, purging, unfolding, folding and moving my stash from one closet to my new cabinet.  I love my new Prepac Storage Cabinet! It ended up being just the perfect thing for me. It went together in under an hour with Ringo helping me and this thing is sturdy and well made. You can see my old fabric storage situation in this post. I was previously using the comic book board method.  It’s okay but it wasn’t working for my shelves since they are so tall in the storage cabinet. I needed something that could...
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WIP Wednesday – Lone Star Progress

I’ve made massive progress on my lone star and the top is nearly done! All I’ve got left is the 4″ border and it’ll be ready for quilting. Still not sure if I’ll have time to quilt it before class previews but I’ll try. I also assembled my new fabric storage cabinet with the help of Ringo. It went together in under an hour! I’m very impressed with how sturdy it is. Can’t wait to show photos of my stash all moved and organized inside it. I’m officially in my 30’s! It was a gorgeous evening in Florida last night: Basil decides to get up close and personal:
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Corgi Fairytale – Pattern now available!

I’m so excited this quilt received such wonderful reception from everyone! I’ve spent the last few days creating the pattern for it and it’s now available for purchase via Craftsy. Corgi Fairytale – Pattern Purchase and Instant Download I enjoyed making this quilt so much and was surprised at how popular it was. It quickly made the rounds with the corgi/quilting community and I had several people ask for a pattern.  I hope other quilting corgi fans have a blast creating ticker tape corgis! I also took the time to create a video demonstrating how I did the background quilting for this quilt – a design called “McTavishing”. Thanks everyone that took the time to leave...
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The Making of Corgi Fairytale

I wanted to share the progress photos that I took during the making of Corgi Fairytale. It’s kind of weird doing this backwards – normally I’ve already blogged the progress of a quilt but this one came together so quickly I wanted to wait till I was done before blogging it. My first step was to cut a piece of Kona cotton to size and trace a silhouette of a corgi onto it. Then I pulled my ironing board over to my club chair and grabbed two bins of scraps. I used my glue stick and cut pieces to fit inside the corgi. The outside edges I wanted to fit just right so it would outline...
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Finished – Corgi Fairytale Quilt

Update: Pattern now available for purchase and instant download! After lamenting on my last podcast about not feeling like I knew where I fit in quilting this quilt came to be. I designed it on Monday afternoon (July 8th) on a post-it note, came home that night and got to work.  My local modern quilt guild had a negative space challenge and originally I hadn’t intended on entering anything. Then this design popped into my head. I had to do it. Cut the applique pieces on Monday and basted the quilt sandwich, Tuesday night I started the quilting and zig-zag around all the applique edges, Wednesday was more quilting, Thursday was labeling and binding and tonight...
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New hair, fabric, quilt basting and Bernie

The last few weeks I’ve had quilters ADD pretty bad. I have lots of WIP (works in progress), lots of pretty fabric surrounding me and a few deadlines looming but I just can’t focus on one thing easily! I blame Summer. Last night I made myself piece a quilt back for my Origins pinwheel quilt so I could get it basted and ready for quilting. Piecing quilt backs is probably my least favorite thing about quilting. I wanted to use up as much of this Origins fabric as possible though so I used up the leftover yardage I had and ended up with just enough for the back of this quilt. Love my Kwikclip! It makes...
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Big WIP Wednesday Update

Lots of updates in this post! I can see the end nearing of my big quilting studio move finally. New Pegboards Installed I work best under deadlines. Since the A/C guy has to have lots of stuff moved around the garage it forced me to finish my painting projects. I got the dresser finished and moved out and the pegboards were done on Monday. I managed to hang them by myself. If you want to get the details on my hardware and pegboard choices you can read this previous post.  The new pegboards were painted using the same paint used on my dresser refurb.  It took two coats.  I removed all the thread and rulers from...
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