Free Pattern Friday – Denim Armrest Project Bag


Continuing with the denim theme because I can…. I love this neat little project bag for your armrest! She shows it for knitting but I could totally see you using it for a small sewing kit. Denim Armrest Project Bag

Free Pattern Friday – Denim Bibs – cowboy style!


I stumbled across this tutorial and I thought it was just SO cute! Almost made me want a baby. Almost. What I like best about this tutorial is you don’t have turn anything inside out. Buckaroo Bib Tutorial – Notes from the Patch

Free Pattern Friday – Simply Denim Quilt Tutorial


This makes a pretty big quilt (80″ x 100″) but I imagine it’s quite durable! Simply Denim Quilt Tutorial – Piece N Quilt

Free Pattern Friday – Denim Quilt

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Lucy goes over the basic instructions for how to make your own denim quilts using old jeans.  You can make your own design using whatever size squares you manage to get out of the jeans you have.  It kind of looks like stained glass the way she does it! Denim Quilts – How To

Free Pattern Friday – Funky Denim Jeans Bag


When gutting bluejeans for denim rag quilts you end up with a ton of the “tops” of jeans. Here is a cute way to make use of them! Funky Denim Jeans Bag Tutorial

The Weekend Where I Get Stuff Done


My checklist: Last three rosettes for quilt show ribbons 108 2.5″ finished HST units for a swap sewed up and mailed out 8 String blocks mailed out for a swap (the blocks were already finished) Meet and finish up all 58 awards for the quilt show Everything got done!

Free Pattern Friday – Denim Seam Bag and Denim Cathedral Window Quilt


I think the month of August is going to be Denim theme month since I just picked up a whole bunch of used jeans at the thrift store! I know I’ll have leftovers for days once I trim everything apart to save denim for rag quilts. Flat Felled Seam Denim Bag Tutorial Such a great idea! I wasn’t sure what to do with all those seams. Now I don’t think i’ll be wasting any part of the jeans. Denim Cathedral {Read More}