Free Pattern Friday – Denim Armrest Project Bag

Continuing with the denim theme because I can.... I love this neat little project bag for your armrest! She shows it for knitting but I could totally see you using it for a small sewing … [Read more...]

Free Pattern Friday – Denim Bibs – cowboy style!

I stumbled across this tutorial and I thought it was just SO cute! Almost made me want a baby. Almost. What I like best about this tutorial is you don't have turn anything inside … [Read more...]

Free Pattern Friday – Simply Denim Quilt Tutorial

This makes a pretty big quilt (80" x 100") but I imagine it's quite durable! Simply Denim Quilt Tutorial - Piece N Quilt … [Read more...]

Free Pattern Friday – Denim Quilt

Lucy goes over the basic instructions for how to make your own denim quilts using old jeans. ¬†You can make your own design using whatever size squares you manage to get out of the jeans you … [Read more...]

Free Pattern Friday – Funky Denim Jeans Bag

When gutting bluejeans for denim rag quilts you end up with a ton of the "tops" of jeans. Here is a cute way to make use of them! Funky Denim Jeans Bag Tutorial … [Read more...]

The Weekend Where I Get Stuff Done

My checklist: Last three rosettes for quilt show ribbons 108 2.5" finished HST units for a swap sewed up and mailed out 8 String blocks mailed out for a swap (the blocks were already … [Read more...]

Free Pattern Friday – Denim Seam Bag and Denim Cathedral Window Quilt

I think the month of August is going to be Denim theme month since I just picked up a whole bunch of used jeans at the thrift store! I know I'll have leftovers for days once I trim … [Read more...]