New Ironing Board Surface and a Bowl


Yesterday I finally got around to making my new pressing surface on my ironing board.  The materials cost about $20 (mostly consisting of the fabric and the board) and it took me approximately 20 minutes or so to put together. I used the Sharon Schamber method: And I’m very pleased with how it turned out!

Corded Fabric Bowl Video Tutorial


**Important Sewing machine requirements** Your sewing machine must be able to fit the wrapped cording under the presser foot in order to create the bowl so make sure the presser foot can raise off of the sewing machine bed rather high (1/4” – ½”) I recommend testing your machine with the cording to see if it will fit. If you know your presser foot won’t lift up very high make sure to get thin cotton cording. Must be capable of {Read More}



Is that fabric basket giving birth to another basket? I’m still sick but I’m making progress in the right direction. I didn’t venture out all weekend which the corgis loved. Most of my time was spent on the couch wrapping fabric onto cotton cording to make more fabric bowls.  I love making fabric bowls but the wrapping takes forever so it is best to spend that time doing it in a comfy place until you have it all done and need {Read More}