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The Origins Pinwheel Quilt Top is Finished!

Moments ago I finished putting on the border for the Origins Pinwheel Quilt top. My original plan for the border was something much simpler – just rectangular blocks of the linen fabrics but after doing some soul searching (and Google searching) I thought this might work for the quilt instead! I broke out my favorite flying geese ruler (EZ Stars and Geese by Kimberly Einmo) and went to work. This did take several hours to do but I think it needed a good border.  The finished top measures 50.5″ x 56″ now. This quilt top is difficult to photograph indoors due to all the dark fabrics but I tried my best with my popup flash. Anyway...
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WIP Wednesday – Mostly Easy Street!

I’m still getting to know Kismet with lots of piecing and last night was no exception. I unhooked the embroidery unit and got her setup to do some more piecing so we could knock out Part 3 of Easy Street! The method I’m using is the one described here where you use squares and rectangles. The only thing I do differently is I layer my turquoise rectangle on top before cutting my triangles with the Easy Angle ruler so it creates my pairs for me! Saves me time. I didn’t have any 2″ strips saved so I’m using ways that minimize how much cutting I have to do to get the finished product. I have all...
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Another Jelly Roll Race Quilt Bordered!

I finally got the border on my second jelly roll race quilt. I don’t see myself doing a three tiered border for a very long time. Extremely time consuming to do and I probably could have just done a single border for this quilt and it’d have been fine. Jelly Roll Race 1600 Quilt technique for those interested
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Border Added!

So I asked for your opinion on Facebook a few weeks ago for border options and what you saw for this quilt: And here is what I ended up doing for it (please excuse the bad lighting): I’m still not sure if it’s too bold for the middle of the quilt but I think it frames it nicely. Getting better at mitered borders! They’re time intensive but worth the effort I think. Not sure if I’m going to quilt this myself or send it off to a longarmer. I might just do it myself since the seams are so awful on the inside (this quilt was started when I was a beginner and not well practiced...
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Two new Jelly Roll Race Quilts!

Mom asked me to bring a jelly roll so I could teach her how to make a jelly roll race quilt. While we were at Quilting by the Bay she picked out a Key Lime Bali Pop, accompaning border fabric and on Sunday I showed her how to sew everything together. She had a drying rack which helped us sort strips out while chaining them all together and then she set to sewing!
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