Finished! Rainbow Insomnia and Black Floral WH


I finished the binding on Rainbow Insomnia over the weekend but didn’t have a chance to photograph it outdoors in proper light until tonight.  So here it is!! (I didn’t photograph the back as I need to put a new label on it and cover up the old one).

Rainbow Insomnia – quilting finished!!


I finished the quilting on Rainbow Insomnia last night.  I was going to wait until I put the binding on to show a final photo of the result but I just couldn’t wait any longer! Here is the quilt before I quilted it: I love the light coming through the top: And now that I’m finished here it is after.  I’ll take better photos in natural light later – these are just straight out of my studio.  Hopefully you can {Read More}

A Quilty Catchup (some embroidery too!)


Some project progress updates: Rainbow Lone Star – I finished piecing the outer border, made the label on my embroidery machine and pin basted the quilt sandwich. The lettering on the label isn’t perfect but it works I guess.  It’s only a wallhanging so I don’t know why I care so much.  I need a better embroidery lettering program. The one I’m using now doesn’t stitch out very well once you create a font in the program and stitch it out {Read More}

The insomnia problem & Super Bowl Sew In Announcement


Sometimes I have trouble sleeping and this week has been no exception.  Stress at work, with the quilt guild and at home has got me completely frazzled.  I woke up at 1AM this morning and just was not able to get back to sleep.  A little after 2AM I decided to heck with it, I got up and took the boy corgis out of the bedroom with me.  I headed into the sewing studio! It wasn’t my intention to start {Read More}