Sunbonnet Sue Revealed!


This was my gift to my wonderful mother for Mother’s Day.  I know she likes Sunbonnet Sue and while I didn’t have time to do a large project I thought something she could hang in her home to enjoy would be nice too.  So I found a template and added my own twist onto it.   The sun was a collection of templates sitting in my drawer normally used to make quilted feathers with.  I traced them onto fusible web {Read More}

Free Pattern Friday – Sunbonnet Sue Edition

Lately, I’ve been kind of obsessed with quilts containing Sunbonnet Sue and her counterpart (some call him Sam or Bill) so I wanted to link all the free templates I could find containing patterns with her and him in them.   Marti Michell – Going Fabric Shopping with Sunbonnet Sue – The pattern that I’m using currently is one hosted at Marti Mitchell’s website.  She did an entire quilt around this pattern (which I’m not doing) but the templates are really {Read More}

WIP Wednesday – Secret Project! Shh!


I have a secret side project that I’m working on.  Well, I guess not so secret since I’m sharing it with you.  Nevertheless – I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at the beginnings of it!  Too cute to not share. Other than that I’m only working on finishing the Princess quilt top and getting fabric for the next lap quilt.